WCEO Radio: Clickworker: Putting People to Work – Interview with David Moufarrege, COO of Clickworker

the CEO Hour, April 15th 2011. David Moufarrege, Chief Operating Officer, U.S. Operations, was the recipient of Digital Rochester’s Rising Star Award-recognizing an organization that leveraged innovative technology to establish a viable new business or market segment which demonstrably contributes to the Greater Rochester community. more

deutsche-startups.de: Fresh Capital for Clickworker

Clickworker – the crowdsourcing servicer formerly known as humangrid – has released another round of good financial news. The crowdsourcing platform for online data processing recently received €4.25 million ($6.55 million) from multiple private investors and investments firms, including from Klaus Wecken, High-Tech Grüderfonds, Corporate Finance Partners and Odeon Ventures. This is the third time the start-up from Essen, Germany has raised money in the last 12 months. more… (in German)

TopHotel: The Wisdom of the Crowd

It’s a simple idea: You write out a task or question and await a response or answer from the target group crowd (an online community, Facebook friends, etc.). That´s something hoteliers can easily get into.
more… (in German)

Net against Nazis: From personal ads to anti-Semitic satire: Radical right-wing lifestyle on the web.

When a neo-Nazis wants to learn more about how to interpret Adolf Hitler’s book: “Mein Kampf”, or if they are looking to meet a romantic partner but want to find someone who shares their extreme right wing views, like everyone else, they simply look on the internet.There is a growing infrastructure that caters to neo-Nazis and all aspects of the neo-Nazi lifestyle on the Internet. As a Clickworker, lead research campaign shows, this infrastructure isn’t even the main problem. Racist and anti-Semitic content can be found on non-radical right wing internet sites. more… (in German)