RP-Online: Leave it up to the crowd

July 20, 2015
With crowdsourcing, companies can tap into the knowledge of the entire world: Freelance developers program software, customers test products – the options are limitless.

COMPUTERWOCHE: Digital Sidelines

June 3, 2014
“Writing texts is my hobby,” says Michael Pullmann. A student of architecture, Pullmann broke his leg four years ago and registered with clickworker to pass the time during his semester break. He has created many texts, corrected the work of other authors and edited data on behalf of this crowdsourcing platform ever since. “ It takes an experienced author between one and two hours to write a typical text, beginners take longer,” describes Pullmann. more… (in German)

ZDF heute: “Clickworking” – the new form of employment

May 28, 2014
Jobs by mouse click on the Internet: A lot of people organize their job searches more flexible and apply online around the world. Work when and wherever you want, is the motto of “Clickworkers”. Has this new form of employment a future?
more (YouTube Video – in German)

TagesAnzeiger: Trying out microjobs

May 12, 2014
Clickworker platforms claim to be the future of work in many sectors. Tagesanzeiger.ch/Newsnet tried out few of the microjobs sites for itself.
more… (in German)

Gute Laune: microjobs – I’ll just go earn some money

March 26, 2014
Would you like to improve your household budget, or earn a bit on the side for a vacation? Many of the jobs advertised in this or in a similar way on the Internet are dubious. But not always! “Microjobbing” is the new magic word. more… (in German)