RP-Online: Leave it up to the crowd

With crowdsourcing, companies can tap into the knowledge of the entire world: Freelance developers program software, customers test products – the options are limitless.

Batrepreneur: Leave it up to the crowd

When planning research projects, in addition to the determination of the research method, the cost of the undertaking, the timetable, and the procurement of research data all play crucial roles in the feasibility and success of the project.
The use of crowdsourcing can be a means to quickly and cheaply attain even large amounts of valid data, which can be further analyzed as a basis for a research project, and evaluated according to the research questions.

DRadio Wissen: Cent by Cent

Clickworker report – Author Philip Banse

Is this dress red or yellow? Is it a summer dress or a cocktail dress? Is this a pornographic site or not? Clickworkers categorize products or websites based on questions. They perform simple click jobs for companies that offer and distribute their services via online portals.
Click here for the text and radio report (in German)

Frankfurter Rundschau: The Click-Workers

Nine in the morning – while other people boot their computers in their office, Liane Spindler, flips open her laptop in her apartment in Berlin-Lichtenberg and starts searching for digital odd jobs. She looks through half a dozen Web platforms to get an idea of what work is being offered today: more… (in German)

Süddeutsche: How the Web is changing the working environment


An Internet platform has formed around nearly every product and service: Airbnb lists rooms and apartments for travelers worldwide, car sharing offers provide cars, and services such as Uber even supply the driver.

more… (in German