Crowdsourcing Project PayPal

Research of information about “PayPal payment methods” for thousands of eBay entries.

PayPal is an online payment system and a subsidiary of the US company eBay. The information gathered by our Clickworkers will give PayPal an overview of the approval of their payment method.

IDG Business Media

Crowdsourcing Projekt IDG Business Media

Creation of search engine optimized Glossary texts on financial topics
Online director Stefan Huegel about clickworker

IDG Business Media GmbH is the German subsidiary of leading global IT publisher IDG. This publishing house publishes among others, COMPUTERWOCHE, CIO and TECCHANNEL.

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Crowdsourcing Project 1stmover

Dr. Klemens Gaida talks about clickworker’s test of the book search engine/community at

1stMOVER is an incubator for start-up companies that develop and market innovative products and services on the web. Reporter Peter Moufarrège spoke with 1st MOVER’s chief executive Dr. Klemens Gaida about working with clickworker to further advance their search engine and community.

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MSW & Partner – Lead research of 8500 department chairs and professors

Crowdsourcing Project msw partner

Chief Executive Christian Kramberg talks about clickworker’s lead research of 8500 department chairs and professors.

The human resources consulting firm of MSW & Partner is specialized in recruiting highly qualified college graduates, student teachers and young professionals.

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Intra2net AG – Web research of 15,000 contacts

Crowdsourcing Project Intra2net

Web research for 15,000 contacts Director Steffen Jarosch talks about clickworker

Intra2net is one of the leading German providers of comprehensive IT security solutions. They have more than 2,500 customers; small and mid-sized companies as well as freelance enterprises. clickworker found the addresses of 15,000 companies for Intra2net. Director Steffen Jarosch said of working with clickworker: “Honestly, for certain jobs there are no other options.”

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