– H² media factory GmbH

Crowdsourcing Project netzwelt

Chief executive Sascha Hottes talks about software descriptions written by Clickworkers for the online magazine

H² media factory produces two prominent online magazines and and is a customer of clickworker. Chief executive Sascha Hottes says of working with clickworker: “When you don’t have a lot of time and you can’t find a technical solution, with clickworker you are in the exactly right place.”

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Gimahhot GmbH

Crowdsourcing Project gimahhot

Categorizing of products

Gimahhot is an online shopping center that has 1 million visitors every month. The site offers a very diverse range of approximately 160,000 products. clickworker undertook the task of classifying this huge product line. Gimahhot’s leader, Thomas Promny had this to say about the collaboration: “humangrid is a very interesting service provider that can take care of simple, numerous and recurring tasks automatically.”

deutsche golf online GmbH

Crowdsourcing Project golf online

Internet research services for international golf course database

Deutsche golf online GmbH has the largest German Internet presence offering comprehensive information on golf at and clickworker has performed valuable services for by researching golf courses in various countries. This information was subsequently entered into a database, in which useful information about golf courses all over the world is collected.

HEIM:SPIEL Medien GmbH & Co. KG

Crowdsourcing Project weltfussball

Translation of a sports database into three languages

HEIM:SPIEL is a service provider in the field of online communication that runs a web portal on everything to do with soccer at, with current events, latest news and conceptual advice on editorial and technical solutions. clickworker has performed translations for HEIM:SPIEL on the subject of sports.

Deutsche Telekom AG

Crowdsourcing Project telekom

Classification of texts in order to optimize online product presentation

T-Online runs one of the largest German web portals. Their products are offered under the T-Home label of the Deutsche Telekom AG. In order to improve their online product presentation, text classifications were carried out through clickworker.