WeFi – Collection and preparationof data for analytical works

preparation of data

WeFi is a market leader in mobile data analytics providing competitive intelligence and user experience insights for app publishers, marketers and brands.
WeFi uses our expertise and on demand workforce to collect and tag various data points used in its analytics products.

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VentureRadar – Web research of company information

Crowdsourcing Projekt RadarVenture

VentureRadar trawls the Internet for innovative companies from all over the world by means of modern technology. The data about these companies is structured and analyzed in order to accurately match them with clients seeking to find new technologies and emerging growth companies.

Our Clickworkers help VentureRadar enrich their data when automated methods are unable to easily provide the data required. The quality of the data researched is ensured by means of a double validation and additional random samples.

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Phonebook Publisher Hans Müller

Crowdsourcing Project Publisher Müller

Research of company URLs and e-mail addresses

Alongside editor and publisher DeTeMedien, phonebook publisher Hans Müller is the most important telecommunication directory service with its “Gelbe Seiten,” “Das Örtliche” and “DasTelefonbuch” directories.
Our Clickworkers research URLs and e-mail addresses of many companies listed in the phonebook in order to expand data sets and keep them updated.


Crowdsourcing Project PayPal

Research of information about “PayPal payment methods” for thousands of eBay entries.

PayPal is an online payment system and a subsidiary of the US company eBay. The information gathered by our Clickworkers will give PayPal an overview of the approval of their payment method.

MSW & Partner – Lead research of 8500 department chairs and professors

Crowdsourcing Project msw partner

Chief Executive Christian Kramberg talks about clickworker’s lead research of 8500 department chairs and professors.

The human resources consulting firm of MSW & Partner is specialized in recruiting highly qualified college graduates, student teachers and young professionals.

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