All You Need Is Love – What makes your Valentine’s Day so special?

January 28, 2015

February 14 is Valentine’s Day! Well, anyone can do a three-course menu, a visit to the movies or a moonlight picnic? And the traditional bouquet of roses is too dull? Then show us how you prove your affection for your sweetheart!

Be creative and win 50 Euro

Send a picture of your Valentine’s Day surprise, the cutest card or your best Facebook post to The deadline is February 14, 2015. The contribution does not have to be from 2015, but you must make it yourself! We will present your declarations of love on our Facebook-Fanpage on February 16, 2015.

Flowerscloud-600224_640Flamingos What do I have to keep in mind if I want to participate?

You must create the contribution yourself and it must not infringe any copyright or trademark rights. This means that it is forbidden to copy from the Internet, to edit pictures of people who have not given their permission and to use pictures displaying other person’s property. We will not accept contributions with violence-glorifying, sexual or racist content.

How does voting work?

Anyone who wants to cast a vote for your charming, funny or creative contributions can vote on Facebook:the deadline is February 22, 2015. The contribution with the most likes will win sweet € 50 …maybe for a romantic candle-light dinner ;-)

We are excited and looking forward to your emails!

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Mandy Meyer-Steffan

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mafifiza 13.02.2015, 01:20:10 Uhr


my son make my valentines day every year special…I have seen his art work move from cartoonish to super gorgeous.

Dacie 15.08.2015, 17:04:22 Uhr


My mom always gets us treats on valentines day, last valentines she got us candy bags and gift cards.