AppDate 2.0 – Latest news about the clickworker app

November 15, 2019

The clickworker app is our mobile workplace. The last status report is almost six months old, so it is high time for another AppDate. After all, there is a lot to report about the mobile Workplace – new languages, new features and new perspectives.

One clickworker app – many new languages

Our app now speaks ten languages. New versions include Arabic, Tagalog, Mandarin, Indonesian and Korean. This means that the app is now available to around 50,000 more Clickworkers in their native language. And this is not the end of the story either. The next languages to follow are (most likely) Japanese, Italian and Malay.

File successfully transmitted

Upload Overview Icon Upload Overview ScreenIn the meantime, photo and video orders have become an integral part of the app. Especially the uploads of large amounts of data or many files are currently in focus for improvements. Here we have recently made several changes. If the upload of a job containing several files is interrupted (e.g. due to a bad connection or an empty battery), the app remembers which files have already been successfully transferred to the server. These files do not have to be transferred again at the second attempt. This saves time, nerves and possible transfer costs on the Clickworker side.

By the way: Using the small blue arrow symbol in the upper right corner of the upload screen you can switch to a separate overview during the upload process, in which you can see exactly which files have already been successfully uploaded, which are currently being uploaded and which are still waiting to be uploaded.

Find what you like to do best

Project Filter Option Have you noticed the new funnel icon in the lower right corner of the project list? A click on it will take you to the new filter function. Now you can show and hide specific task areas. You prefer to do mystery visits or photo shoots, but you don’t like surveys at all? With the filter function you can only see what you want to see. To select an area, just tap on it once. The icon will then turn coloured. The order list now only shows the categories you have selected. A new click deselects the category just as easily.

Same project? Same entry!

Sometimes a customer splits his project into many parts and places them as a separate order. The result are many identical jobs that could clog up your order list in the past. In the meantime, a new filter mechanism has been introduced to remedy this situation: Identical subprojects are now automatically combined into a single order and all entries only appear after a mouse click. By the way: We are also working on a corresponding solution for the desktop version, but unfortunately it will take some time.

What is the next step?

In parallel, our design team is currently working on a new desktop version of our Workplace. Due to this, design adjustments are also on the current to-do list in the app. This is how we want both versions to look as if they are one and the same later on, so that Clickworkers, who often switch between the two platforms, will find their way equally well everywhere. And the night owls among our users can also look forward to a dark mode.

What would you like to see as the next feature in our clickworker app? Let us know in the comments.

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