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October 11, 2012

You are given an individual rating for every workitem you process on clickworker.com. Depending on how good or bad it turns out, it affects your rating as an author, translator or web researcher. We will be making a few changes in the rating system shortly. These changes are primarily designed to ensure that your ratings are less susceptible to extreme evaluations, and keep decreases moderate.

What will change? Two items.

First of all, we will double the number of orders that determine your rating: 25 become 50. This already reduces any possible changes in your rating per order. Therefore your rating value remains more stable on the whole.

In addition we have also added a further mechanism: by letting older evaluations flow into the new evaluation we can “smooth” out the overall result.

This is how it works: based on your current value you have a “standard zone” that is respectively 10% above and below your value. For an author with 85%, this would mean that the standard zone ranges somewhere between 75% and 95%.

Evaluation for a text

If this author receives an evaluation for a new text, there are two options open: if the evaluation is within this standard zone, exactly this amount will flow into the rating.

However, if the author receives an evaluation that is outside of this range the new “smoothing mechanism” will come into effect. Instead of the deviating evaluation, an average of the last three evaluations will flow into the value rating.

It might initially sound a bit complicated, but the following sample calculation will help illustrate how it works.

Let’s assume that the last two texts written by our exemplary author received 80% and 85%, ratings that are generally within his range. He had a bad day though today and he only got 50% for his next text. This would normally signify a drastic decrease in his rating. But the system now determines that this evaluation is outside of his “standard zone”. Instead of letting the 50% flow directly into the rating, and average value is calculated using this, and the last two orders. In our example this would amount to approximately 72%.

Clickworker ratings

And these 72% – instead of the actual 50 % – are exactly the amount that will flow into the statistics for this text. The previous good work compensates for the bad evaluation and the rating of our exemplary author does not fall as sharply as before.

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Daniel Marz

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7 Kommentare

Sabu 11.10.2012, 15:25:14 Uhr


Hello Daniel
I am not seeing any jobs at all since 2-3 months…Would you please look into the matter??

Thank you.

Angelina Conic 11.10.2012, 17:23:04 Uhr


Hallo Sabu,

Please send an email at help@clickworker.com and we will look into your account. Thank you!

Support & Community Management

Jadeen 12.10.2012, 19:48:35 Uhr


Hola- no entiendo mucho de las calificaciones, pero si me gustaría que me dieran oportunidad de escribir algunos post mas, estoy viendo que trabajan con Groupun y en Independent-publishing escribí mas de 20 artículos para ellos y no dejaron de pagarme ninguno o sea que los publicaron. Me gustaría escribir mas para ustedes. Tambien hag traducciones de inglés a español.
Cordial saludo.

Delia 14.10.2012, 20:41:10 Uhr


Hello Daniel!
I have the best rate in Address Research Project since July, but I have not chance working at it. Would you explain me the reason?
Kind Regards,

Dulana Liyanage 01.11.2012, 01:02:10 Uhr


Hello Daniel and others,

I had to kept sending sevral emails to daniel and others to look into my account as it was not able to work and suddenly pop out from the UHRS site not able to do anything.
Please look into my account and let me know the issue that has arisen. Looking forward to hear soon from any of you. I was so much interested with the site and offered jobs under my account but due to some technical problems my account not working though.
Kind Regards
Dulana Liyanage. (LONDON,UK)

G VALSA 11.11.2012, 16:11:27 Uhr


Dear sir,

I am not seeing any jobs at all since 3-4 months…Would you please look into the matter?

Kind Regards,


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Very good.Thanks