Tips for Authors 2.0: Writing SEO texts made easy

October 11, 2013

What actually distinguishes a SEO text from other texts? The aim of SEO texts is to improve the search engine ranking of specific web pages and keywords. In order for the search engine optimization (SEO = Search Engine Optimization) to be successful, the texts must contain issue-specific keywords that must be unique and appealing to the readers.

What are the SEO texts used for?

Many companies use specially created SEO texts to climb to the top positions of the search engine ranking. It is highly important that the texts are informative, unique and provide the reader with a valuable insight. You can read more information on SEO texts in our Crowdsourcing Glossary (link).

SEO texts at

Companies can also contract to have their SEO texts created by our clickworkers. Understanding the SEO Work Instructions is sometimes difficult, since the given keywords provided may normally not be modified. The trick is to weave the given keywords into a grammatically correct sentence, which is informative while promoting sales at the same time. The texts are normally not very long so you can construct a masterpiece of style with just a few words. Or you can put a lot of keywords into a longer text.

For example, in our current project on rental cars:

Blogartikel-Bild2 Blogartikel-Bild5

A keyword density of 2-4% is recommended for SEO texts so that the content turns up effectively in the search engine ranking.

Sometimes, other words apart from the keywords are given and should be used, if possible. These are not mandatory, but are recommended.

Please use these filler words in a sensible manner

Some projects contain keywords composed of several words such as “Table Cup”. Of course, that makes no sense used in this way. In order to make the task easier in such cases, a number is indicated between curly brackets: “Cup {0, 2} Table”. This means that up to 2 filler words can be used with the keyword here. “Cup Table” can be changed here to “cup on the table”, for example.

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3 Kommentare

BLucian 16.10.2013, 12:34:58 Uhr


These are very pertinent advice. Another aspect which I noticed from my own website (the Romanian-language forum of travel photography) is that contents has to address issues which the visitors are interested in actually reading, not simply to have a catchy title and some keywords on it.

If you check the time they spent on each page you can determine their interest on a given subject, as well as whether they liked your style or not (whether they kept visiting other sections of your website or just bounced out).

While this latter aspect is practically impossible to be known by a clickworker, who has no actual knowledge where his texts will be posted, it is still useful to think from the perspective of the reader, not only from that of the beneficiary.

Rod 22.10.2013, 22:25:50 Uhr


A major problem with these SEO texts is the editors. I can write one that is accepted without being returned to me for further editing and still my copywriter score goes down.

Rod 05.11.2013, 05:50:45 Uhr


Guess it’s not made easy, clickworker stopped paying people!