Leading The Pack – Clickworker CEO, Wolfgang Kitza Crowned A Crowd Leader

August 10, 2011

Our CEO, Wolfgang Kitza, is proud to accept the invitation to join The Daily Crowdsource’s editorial group of innovative leaders and trendsetters known as Crowd Leaders. As a Crowd Leader Wolfgang will contribute his expertise and thoughts on news, controversy and trends in the realm of crowdsourcing. Stay tuned for his first piece. Friday’s article will be the first of three, which take a shrewd look at the emergence, heated debate and power of clicktivism.

As German CEO of Clickworker, Kitza was the driving force behind their latest expansion and success in the United States. Over the last year, Clickworker has rapidly expanded from 14,000 to over 115,000 clickworkers, in over 124 countries. With his 25 years of experience in founding and expanding tech companies, Wolfgang Kitza is excited to join the leading voices in the field at The Daily Crowdsource.

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