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March 13, 2012

Swedish Flag by pixelthing September 2011, Sweden started a social media experiment that is unprecedented in this form. Every week the Swedish government allows a different Swedish citizen to take control of the official “@sweden” Twitter feed for their personal use.

The idea behind the action is based on the cooperation between the tourism organization VisitSweden and the Swedish Institute. Together, and with the help of the social media service Twitter, they intend to try something totally new to make Sweden more attractive to the global public.

Who could better represent, describe or question what is taking place in Sweden than the Swedes? Under this motto, every week a different citizen will be named “Curator of Sweden” and can Twitter his or her own unique impression of Sweden to the world. According to the official website of the initiative, “the expectation is that the curators will paint a picture of Sweden, different to that usually obtained through traditional media.” Because as we know, everyone is different, everyone sees their environment with different eyes and has different experiences – exactly the diversity the project wants to communicate.

And so far, the Curators of Sweden are truly diverse. This week for example, Karin Ajaxon from Goteborg will twitter @sweden. She has had an exciting life and worked in many different parts of the world. She was handed the scepter for the Twitter feed by Daniel Swedin, a journalist who writes for the “Aftonbladet”, Scandinavia’s largest daily newspaper. However Miss Sweden, a female truck driver, a female minister and a sheep farmer have also been named Curator of Sweden and have shared their impressions of the country, confirming that Sweden is as diverse as the Swedes themselves.

Curators of Sweden was shut down in 2018.

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Kara 27.05.2012, 13:56:32 Uhr


Hello, I am french and i would like to know what kind of jobs is it exactly.
Thank you
Vincent Kara

Angelina Conic 30.05.2012, 09:51:05 Uhr


Dear Vincent,

Are you referring to the clickworker job or the curator job? In case you mean the clickworker job, I would suggest you take a look at this job description:


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