Donating instead of celebrating

November 30, 2020

This year has brought unimagined changes for all of us. Who would have expected last Christmas that this year we would be allowed to get closer to each other only to a very limited extent or not at all during Christmas days.

In these extraordinary times it is all the more important to think about those who are much worse off than we are because of this crisis.

Innumerable relief organizations and charitable institutions are now getting into trouble through no fault of their own and can no longer help where help is really needed. Therefore, we have decided to cancel our company Christmas party and make a donation to Tafel Deutschland this year.

There are more than 940 facilities of Tafel Deutschland. Here volunteers collect surplus food and distribute it to people in need. In addition, the Tafel also offers clothing, household goods, furniture, a hot lunch and childcare.

We wish you peaceful and happy holidays and hope that you will be able to spend them with your loved ones.

Tafel Deutschland

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Florian Steinig