Easter customs 2 – Noise, the White House and sweet rolls

March 28, 2016

Join us on the second round of our Easter walk around the world. We are starting in northern Europe.

Easter customs 2 In Finland, Easter involves birch rods and noise. A slight blow with a birch on the back of a friend or relative commemorates the palm branch that brought luck to Jesus on entering Jerusalem. Noisy processions of children take to the streets to dispel the dark season and make way for luck.

In Italy, Easter is similar to an emotional roller coaster. On Good Friday, silent processions move through the streets of the towns to commemorate the passion of Christ. In contrast, Easter Sunday is characterized by “mangiare! mangiare!”. The Easter feast consists of several courses and obviously includes Easter eggs. They can be served in the form of a well-known cake. This “Colomba Pasquale” is generally made of a yeast dough in the shape of a dove covered with almonds and icing.

Osterbräuche 2 In the United States, “rolling eggs” is a matter for the boss! On Easter Monday colored eggs are rolled across the lawn of the President’s garden in the White House. In New York, floats decorated with flowers move along 5th Avenue in the yearly Easter Parade. Most spectators wear flashy, colored hats.

In Mexico, Easter celebrations last longer than anywhere else! The colorful feast goes on for a full two weeks. Streets and public places are decorated with colorful garlands and flowers.

In England, the Britons pat each other with willow catkins at Easter to wish each other luck for the coming year.

Apart from that our Easter trip around the globe ends the way we started it in Germany: with the Easter bunny and hunting for colored eggs in the garden. ;)

We hope you had great Easter holidays!

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Mandy Meyer-Steffan