Welcome to Clickworkers from “America the Beautiful”

April 29, 2010
Welcome to Clickworkers from “America the Beautiful”

Until now, we only had a limited number of “global” Clickworkers. This was because of the limitations we had to get the money to people outside of Europe.

As of today, this is ancient history because of us introducing Paypal as a payment option. From now on it doesn’t matter if you live in Argentina, Canada, South Africa, or Japan: clickworker.com can become your Job 2.0

This also means that we have removed the final obstacle for our launch in North America. So far, our colleagues in the United States have been busy planning and preparing, but now they can put the “pedal to the metal”. Clickworker recruitment efforts in the US, Canada, and Mexico are starting up today and the first North American jobs are already online.

We will post a blog article discussing “Paypal – how is it used” in short order. If you already have a Paypal account, and want to use it to get paid, you can enter the information using the menu option “Payment Details”.

We are looking forward to the many new and motivated Clickworkers Planet Earth has to offer!

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