The winners of the “Travel Data Research” raffle have been drawn

December 16, 2010

Recently, we launched the new project “Travel Data Research”. The Clickworker’s task was to research comparable prices for specific travel dates and for a given destination.

Every Clickworker participating in this project could win one of the following cash prizes if they completed at least one job on 5 consecutive days.

1st Prize: 50 $
2nd – 4th Prize: 10 $
5th – 8th Prize: 5 $

And here are the winners of the raffle:
1st: Christopher S., Pittsburgh, PA
2nd: Ann E., Cockeysville, MD
3rd: Michael F., Plattville, WI
4th: Christine H., Wellford, SC
5th: Colleen B., Northborough, MA
6th: Richard E., Ashburnham, MA
7th: Scott L., Richmond, BC
8th: Monica W.-F., Cosby, TN

Congratulations to the lucky winners and many thanks to everyone who participated and helped us to complete this project in such a short time.

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Angelina Conic

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Digital Angel Donna DJ 18.12.2010, 11:24:58 Uhr


I also like the new way that was announced today about making extra money by doing 200 in 30 days.

Notice to all U.S. Clickworkers: We’ve made the Travel Data Research job faster and easier!

Now you only have to research one car, flight or hotel at a time.

You will be able to make extra money by completing 200 jobs in 30 days (maximum of 22 jobs per day). This will reoccur on a daily basis. Try it now by selecting: “Travel data research Search for comparable prices on travel portals and make more $” in your job list.

However, it only let me do 15 in one day, and not 22. It wouldn’t give me any more for the 22 max. Will I still be able to do the 200 total?

And yes, it’s much easier now, and I enjoy working on it.

Jennifer 05.01.2011, 12:45:42 Uhr


Donna, if you do 15 per day for only 20 days, that would be 300 jobs. So you will be able to complete 200 with no problem even with a limit of 15 jobs.

Richard Estanol 07.01.2011, 22:17:27 Uhr


Dear Angelina:

I am one of the winnners for the Travel data research.
I was just wondering when it will be credited to my account

Angelina Conic 09.01.2011, 23:26:16 Uhr


Dear Richard,

Thank you for your comment. The sum has been credited to your Clickworker account on December, 15th. The invoice of December has been issued as well. You will find an according pdf file of your invoice with a detailed list of all items in the menu “invoice”.

Best regards,

Angelina Conic
Support & Community Management

Richard 11.01.2011, 05:04:08 Uhr


Thanks for your answer. I have another one. On the “Travel Data Research” is the bonus for 30 consecutive days, or is it in a billing month

win 20.01.2011, 21:33:56 Uhr


how would i enter in this raffle or drawing?thanks

Roberto 08.02.2014, 05:11:54 Uhr


I wish this job would come back. I LOVED doing this.

I also liked these:
“Validation of business elements available on”
“Gather company information provided by LinkedIn”
“Gain specified business elements available on”
“Research the link for a given keyword (and win an iPod shuffle)”

These were all my favorite types of jobs on here.