Fantastic Survey Codes and Where to Find Them

March 20, 2019
Look for survey Codes

Surveys are without a doubt the absolute favorite among clickworker jobs. It’s no wonder, as they can be completed quickly and without much effort from home or on the go. Simply answer a couple of questions or provide your opinion on subject X and the job is already done.

So that the customer can also be certain the survey was actually completed, a code is displayed to the clickworker after they finish answering the questions. That survey code is then pasted or simply typed into the provided field and then the job can be submitted.

It may sound simple at first, but unfortunately it isn’t always, because once in a while the code isn’t immediately visible. There are several reasons this could be the case, and we have listed a few of them here

Personal Expectations

Many clickworkers have the notion that a code should have a certain format, be clearly emphasized and positioned apart from the rest of the text, or that it must at least be specifically designated as a code beforehand. This can unfortunately lead to a code simply being overlooked or even not being recognized as one, because it doesn’t conform to expectations.

Fortunately it is usually stated explicitly what the code is, however sometimes it is not. Every survey is structured a little differently.

The Many Faces of a Code

In principal anything could be a code, from a confusing combination of numbers to a colorful image. We’ll show you some of the most common types here.

Codes in random number and letter combinations:


Codes as Content-Related Terms:

content related survey codes

Codes as a Word in a Sentence:

Word in a sentence

Entire Sentences as Codes:

Survey Code 2

Tricky Cases

Clickworkers who prefer to type in the code sometimes run into the problem that the code they enter is supposedly incorrect. Commonly the reason for this is that some code characters simply look too similar to others depending on the font.

tricky survey codes

Some easily confused characters for example are the capital “i” and the lower case “L” or a capital “O” and zero. In this case you should ideally try out all conceivable combinations, or preferably copy and paste where possible.

Occasional User Error

Who hasn’t this happened to? The survey is almost completed, you elatedly jump to the end and then it happens: in your haste you too quickly clicked away from the page with the code. If you can’t return to the previous page using the back button (arrow pointing to the left or something similar), then your only help is to contact clickworker support.

Usually the code is found on the very last page of the survey near the “thank you message”. Occasionally the code can be found on the next to last page as in the following example:

code on the very last page of the survey

As soon as we ascertain in our preliminary testing that a survey code is somewhat difficult to find, we make an effort to provide assistance by noting this in the job description. So please always read the job instructions very carefully regarding tips and information about the code.

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