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November 26, 2012

When major television stations start their yearly fund-raising marathons many viewers feel that they would like to do something good for others. In the course of the evening, telephones, manned for the most part by prominent helpers, run hot and the amount of money donated often increases at a tearing pace.

However one last hurdle remains: where will the money that has been donated actually go and how much of it will reach the needy?

Over the last five years, this question has been answer by the platform. Anyone who supports a project on Germany’s largest fund-raising platform knows exactly where their help is going and whom it reaches.

“We don’t just want to change the world. We also want to improve how world-changing is done.”

According to their own statements, the platform not only works on a basis of absolute transparency, it also gives the amount donated in full to the project or organization that is being supported. There are numerous projects to choose from and the selection increases daily. Thousands of aid projects worldwide are waiting for donors on They can search and find these projects either by categories, or on an interactive map.
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Before making a donation, benefactors can inform themselves about precisely where their money will be put to use. They can give specific instructions about whether their donation will be used to buy a bag of animal feed for an animal shelter, for the construction material needed to build a new school, or as seed money for needy farmers. Questions can be directly addressed to those responsible, and the progress of the projects they have supported can be followed via blog entries and video postings.

Those who want to be active but cannot invest money can contribute to the success of the projects in different ways, for example as volunteers, flight sponsors or donors in kind.

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Maria Cecilia Dela Cruz 14.12.2012, 08:27:23 Uhr


Transparency, I believe is very important in any organization. This is to ensure that the money collected will go to the right projects or individuals. I guess to be able to inform the donors by sending them newsletters, pictures or updates can encourage them more to be of help.