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February 22, 2012

Our world is changing at an incredible pace and since the Internet giant “Google” is also aware of the fact it is putting its trust in the Crowd to keep its “Google Maps” service up-to-date.

The service offered by “Google Maps” – in particular the “Google Street View” tool – has been highly controversial from the very start. Many people feel that it endangers their privacy and criticize the detailed collection and online disclosure of our living space. Nevertheless, many of us use the online maps regularly. With the help of “Google Maps” you can quickly calculate the fastest route to the movies or use “Google Earth” to check where to find the best parking spaces in a foreign city.

With “Google Maps”, “Google Navigation” and “Google Earth” we get cartographic views of large parts of the world and search for, save or rate places, calculate routes and more. However our environment is subject to continuous change: new high-rises built here, old buildings torn down there, streets rebuilt and new trails discovered. How can the Internet giant keep its cartographic services up-to-date when things change at such a breathtaking pace? The Crowd can help.

With the new version of “Google Map Makers” the Google community can capture all the geographic changes in our world and secure the up-to-dateness of the map service. The new options available in “Google Map Makers” enable every registered Google user to draw in newly built buildings, enter up interesting or missing information or add new streets and paths. Users can also share popular locations, for example their favourite restaurant or trendy shops with the community or help wanderers find off-beaten paths.

The Google team checks all of the updates made available by the users for accuracy and as soon as they are verified they are made public in the current maps.

If you are interested in more information about the “Google Map Maker” take a look at the following information video. Or post your questions directly in the General Map Maker Forum “Map your World Community


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Mandy Meyer-Steffan

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Mark 23.02.2012, 15:18:34 Uhr


Das ist für Google natürlich ein genialer Weg, sehr viel Geld zu sparen und die User einzubinden. Muss sich nur noch zeigen ob diee auch so willig sin mitzumachen.

miky1971 28.02.2012, 11:30:47 Uhr



My name is Mike and i am new in this job.
I am able to get no details of Katowice area in Upper Silesia. (Souther part of Poland). Need more information in which way i should to sent it. What i could to do it….
Photograths other interesting changes around area.

Kind Regards

Michał Kozakowski

Angelina Conic 28.02.2012, 17:10:20 Uhr



Thank you for your comment. It looks like this is a very specific Google Map Maker problem. In this case I would recommend to contact the Google support, which might be able to help you better.
Support & Community Management

zabka21 02.03.2012, 16:43:09 Uhr


Witam wszystkich polaków i nie tylko,czy wie ktoś kiedy zostanie mi wystawiona ocena z testu kwalfikacyjnego?

RV 03.03.2012, 01:42:32 Uhr


Most of the assessment was wrong, and most of their product is wrong…

Google maps? Lol!

Daniel Marz 05.03.2012, 18:21:15 Uhr


If you encountered any problems while taking an assessment, is the right way to apply to. Of course we try to configure our assessments as good as possible in the first place, but if you find mistakes in it – just let us know. Mistakes can be fixed.

maxi 18.03.2012, 03:10:18 Uhr


I completed the assessment but there I can´t see any available job…

Angelina Conic 19.03.2012, 10:37:27 Uhr



Please contact Support in this matter via Thank you!
Support & Community Management

Samuel Kiragu 31.03.2012, 13:42:10 Uhr


How do I get to work for Google maps? How do I get the assessments?

Rosana 01.04.2012, 15:30:15 Uhr


I have completed the assessment twice, scored 100% and still it shows that I need to repeat it. No jobs avaiable so far and I have reported to the support team ( and so far no answer. I feel folled.

Daniel Marz 16.04.2012, 14:58:56 Uhr


Repeating an assessment is optional. It’s an offer for those Clickworkers who didn’t reach a score good enough or lost their score during work.
There is no need to do it if your scores are ok.

hajar setta 09.06.2012, 19:25:02 Uhr



I have completed the assessment twice, scored 92% and still no jobs avaiable and I have reported to the support team ( and no answer. I don’t have any jobs avaiable! ans any project assessments available!!! Please help me, what can I do exactly to start a new job with clickworker?