Help for farmers in Madagascar – second donation campaign successfully completed

July 5, 2013

You have decided on the winner of our second donation campaign: a project to support small-scale farmers in Madagascar. The winning campaign asserted itself against the German Red Cross campaign for victims of the flooding in five German states , and against the monkey orphanage in Cameroon.

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The Region and the Project

The promotion project is based on an initiative by the GRÜNE LIGA Sachsen e.V.. The GRÜNE LIGA Sachsen is trying to build community centers in three villages in cooperation with three women’s organizations. They hope to provide educational facilities where a total of 120 single mothers can learn new agricultural engineering methods and handicrafts. The average woman in the region has five children, and is responsible for tilling the fields as well as raising the children. The villages are located on the Southeastern coast of Madagascar, a sparsely populated region. This region is one of the poorest areas in the country and is regularly stricken by cyclones. More often than not, they destroy the entire crop and cause extensive flooding. Thanks to the donations, women can buy new seeds or invest in a beehive. Thanks to new sources of income, the women no longer rely on the yield of the harvest as a source of income and they suffer from fewer supply crunches.


The Donation Campaign

On the crowdfunding page you can donate for a specific item or for the project in general. You can donate money for seeds and fertilizers, or cooking equipment. Those responsible for the project at GRÜNE LIGA Sachsen e.V. give regular progress reports and provide information about where the money was used. This makes the projects transparent and enables the donators to follow how their money has been used. At the beginning of the year, parts of the donations were used to rebuild a burnt down community center.


We are delighted that so many of you participated in our Facebook campaign and hope that you will take part next time too.

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