Interview: Life and thoughts of support Clickworker Dely

March 8, 2016

In last week’s article, we announced that you are going to get a glimpse into the life and the thoughts of other Clickworkers. Dely, who is a forum moderator and support Clickworker, has kindly agreed to give us an interview. Who knows, maybe you will even find similarities to your own experiences?


Dely, please tell us a little about yourself and how you became a Clickworker:

Support Clickworker Dely I became a Clickworker in 2011. When I divorced from my husband, I had to look for a job I could do from home because at that time my son was still a child, and seen that we moved to the city where we now live because of my ex-husband’s job, I hadn’t relatives that could have looked after my son. A child gives a lot to do with school, homework, medical appointments, bringing out with friends etc. and I would have never neglected my son so I needed a job without constraints that allowed me to organize my day following my son’s commitments. I started looking for something that could fit my needs and I landed on clickworker. I am so glad I found it because I am still here and I love what I do! It is the perfect job for me because I can work from home without neglecting my son, the household or my hobbies. Oh my, I was forgetting to say that I am Italian and 44 years old! I live in North Italy on the wonderful Ligurian Riviera.

Responsible for:

I am moderator of the Italian board and since September 2015 I help the support staff answering the many mails we receive every day. I also proofread and evaluate Italian texts.

Your work at clickworker:

Nowadays Clickworker is part of my everyday life. I am an early riser and usually at 7.30 a.m. I am already on Clickworker to see if there are mails to answer or texts to proofread. Of course, I do also tasks available for us Italians. The only jobs I don’t do are tasks on UHRS. I usually work during the morning. When I finished the jobs available to me, I go out for some grocery shopping, do some errands or other typical works of a homemaker and fulltime mother. The clickworker homepage is always open so I can see if there is something to do or someone to help. Of course, if there’s a lot to do, I work also during the afternoon or the evening.

What the support work concerns, I answer English and German mails and till now I only help with minor problems as I am pretty new in the support group. I get along very well with the other support clicworkers and I really consider them as friends, though we don’t know each other in “real life”. We chat on skype and I think that there is a good feeling among us and I grew close to them. My volunteering on the Italian board doesn’t give me a lot to do. It isn’t a very active board and members are always kind and respectful.

How does your workspace look like?

My desk is in the living room, next to the balcony: it is well-lit and I can always have a look at the outside. It is useful above all when I work on copywriting jobs or do translations because looking outside helps to think about what to write and to find synonyms! Now that my son left to study abroad thanks to a scholarship he won, I also have lunch and dinner at my desk because I don’t like to eat alone in the kitchen. It’s too depressing. On my left, though it is not visible on the photo, there’s my stereo and I listen to music the whole day. Delys Workspace

Are there things you would like other Clickworkers to know?

Some advice I would like to give to newly registered members: Take assessments seriously, don’t do them in a hurry because usually you can’t repeat them and many jobs depend on your assessment score. Take your time to write a text, look for synonyms, re-read a text many times before saving it so you can find typos; use a spell checker if necessary. Always think: would I like to read a text like the one I have written? Did I avoid repetitions? Did I add interesting information? If you are not sure how to write a word, look it up.
Other advice: if you don’t receive payment on Wednesday morning, don’t panic! Payments are done from Wednesday to Friday.

What you are doing when you are not clickworking:

I also work as a copywriter and translator for another site. I like above all the translation jobs. I translate mainly from German into Italian but sometimes also from English to Italian. Well, of course I have to do all my cleaning/washing/shopping/cooking for home and follow my son though now he is studying abroad. What I like the most of being a freelancer, is that I can organize my work with everyday commitments.

Outstanding personal characteristics:

I really don’t know. I am a quiet person but also very stubborn. I don’t like to argue but if really necessary, I’m able to show my teeth. I am a misanthrope so my job is perfect for me because I don’t have to stay among people. I am also a pretty introvert person and don’t like crowded places.

After work it’s time for:

I don’t have a lot of hobbies and I like a quiet and peaceful life. My only passion is reading and I do it as soon as I have some spare time. I try to dedicate at least one hour every day to my reading but sometimes, if there isn’t a lot of work, I manage to read for a whole afternoon. I love above all classics and my favorite author is Dostoyevsky. Sometimes I also write reviews of the books I read for a site dedicated to bookworms like me. I never watch TV, it is something that bores me to death, but I listen to music the whole day. I listen to pretty everything so I go from classical music to Iron Maiden, depending on my mood. My favorite groups are Pink Floyd but also Queen, Led Zeppelin, Dire Straits…there are a lot! For eleven years I have been practicing yoga. Yoga is a huge world, so it is better to say that I practice hatha-yoga and I did also some meditation. I am very fond of Eastern philosophy and I read a lot about Indian culture, traditions, history and religions.

Favorite saying:

I have two: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” and “Who is pleased enjoys”.


I am fond of languages and till last year I also attended a course to learn some Spanish. Besides languages, I also like to deepen my knowledge of the culture and history of other countries. Other things that could help to know me a bit better: I am a vegetarian for 22 years and I prefer to buy organic and fair-trade products. During summer I love to go on the beach early in the morning. I love cats.

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