Make Money from Home as a Hobby Photographer

March 6, 2020

The smartphone has become our faithful companion, because as an all-round talent many of its functions, like the camera, are indispensable for us. In this article we’ll reveal how you can not only capture nice memories with your smartphone camera, but also make money with it.

Smartphone Camera: The End of Other Cameras?

Smartphone and digital Camera

The smartphone camera is in many respects more practical than a regular camera. It is always handy, weighs less, is easier to use and often boasts better quality. Not only is the shooting of photos possible, but so is editing them at the same time or afterwards. Countless filters and augmented reality elements (the best examples are the dog filters on Snapchat and Instagram) make it possible to design creative images in mere seconds while also having lots of fun.

We gladly take advantage of some of these benefits in our photo projects.

Selfies: An Important Contribution to Artificial Intelligence

Photos aren’t just a lovely memory but also make an important contribution to the development of new technical tools. With the help of artificial intelligence, tools for the prevention of identity theft on the Internet, for example, are being developed. For this however, training data is required, and the more, the better. This is where your selfies or photos come in. In the training process many different factors are examined and considered, like varying light conditions and backgrounds. Of course, “props” like glasses, head coverings, etc. also play an important role. Even pictures of everyday objects that you already have in your home can be part of these photo projects.

Become a Hobby Photographer at clickworker

Photo of an woman holding an iphone

Basically, a hobby photographer lies dormant in us all. This is supported not only by the fact that smartphones are now practically standard equipment for every human being, and that their virtual photo album takes up most of their phone storage. But today’s social media culture promotes the hobby as well. Whether you are just the photographer or simultaneously the model too makes no difference, because it all has its place on Instagram, etc.

The photo projects are some of the most popular jobs on clickworker. The reasons for this practically reveal themselves. All you require is a smartphone and possibly one or two props, which you probably already have at home. Most of the photo jobs are available on our clickworker app, which comes in both an Android and an iOS version. Many additional projects await you there which also use built-in smartphone features, like for example speech recording or video jobs.
Before you start a photo job, the task instructions explain exactly what you must pay attention to. Often the distance between the camera and the object is an important factor, or also the shot’s perspective. But don’t worry, no technical know-how is required.

Photo jobs on clickworker present a good opportunity to top up your bank account in no time. Snapshots can be turned into money without any technical equipment besides your faithful smartphone. Compensation varies depending on the job’s difficulty and effort required. If we have awakened your interest in this type of job, then be sure to check out our app. Additional creative projects await you there, for example audio recording, but also surveys and app testing!

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