Dog, cat and co – World Animal Day contest

October 4, 2014 clickworker blog 25 Comments

EDIT: Congratulations to evestevemoore, who received the most votes for her great project! She has won the prize of 100€. Furthermore she has chosen the organization SPDC – Saving Pound Dogs Cyprus, to which we will donate 200€.

Welcome to our animal welfare campaign “Dog, cat and co.” In this photo gallery and beginning November 10, 2014, you will find all the pictures that were entered by dedicated Clickworkers. Do you want to take part too and do a good deed for animals? Then inform yourselves now in the “Rules and prizes” section and in the blog article about the campaign.

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Clickworkers can be easily paid through PayPal – but how?

July 17, 2014 clickworker blog 18 Comments

What is PayPal exactly and how does it work?

PayPal is a service provider that offers online payment management. It works well, for example, if you want to make on-line purchases or book flights and would like to receive your payment from us in a fast and easy manner. Another advantage of PayPal is that you can use it anytime, anywhere, e.g. with a Smartphone.

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Clickworker has a new Spell Checker!

April 16, 2014 clickworker blog 3 Comments

We have finally installed another Spell Check tool for the text creation tasks at The tool finds any spelling mistakes, marks them in red, and displays any grammar mistakes in yellow.

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Text creation simplified with clever tools

February 7, 2014 clickworker blog 6 Comments

Anyone can write an interesting text? Well, at least anyone can try to learn it. Think of any good texts you like to read in the newspaper, online or in magazines. What is so special about them?

Clickworkers can use their writing skills in different ways. Obviously the text type depends on the Clickworker-project. Quite often clickworkers have to use keywords and stick to a certain text structure. As a matter of course it is important to read job instructions closely. This way any mistakes can be avoided easily.

If you are running out of inspiration, dont’t worry! On the Internet, there is a countless number of electronic gadgets available which can be great support when writing texts.

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one ghost in particular – by Russell Miller

November 22, 2013

Kevin didn’t want to return to his studio apartment right away. The day seemed magical and he just wanted to drowse away the morning in a cozy little coffee shop. He didn’t want to think about Kari, but he did.

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ONE – by Reza

November 12, 2013


Utter nothingness – not even blackness. No time. No Space.
However, . . . there is one “thing”: consciousness – pure, timeless consciousness; though it is not even aware of its own presence. And that’s all.

Then, for some reason, after an unimaginable aeon, it seems it is “time”. This consciousness simply chooses to become “something”. Maybe it is “bored” of its own loneliness, though it can’t possibly have any idea of boredom whatsoever. Or, perhaps, something even more incomprehensibly deeper within that consciousness already “knows” what it wants: it wants to live, to experience life. earth-11009_640But this consciousness, with its will to become “alive”, isn’t yet aware that in order to live, it has to go through an unimaginably long process of evolution. It is unaware that with its wish for creating a world in order to be able to see the world, it has already set in motion a gigantic apparatus of pain and suffering, with occasional, but highly disproportionate moments of peace and joy.
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November 11, 2013
“Parents behind the line, please. We’ve got to separate the adults from the children.”
The harried woman in the yellow sweatshirt passed up and down the rippling line of children and parents. “We can’t start the Easter egg hunt until all parents are behind the line, please.”
Bill Willoughby, was jostled by the retreating parents. His daughter Jennifer Anne, five years old, turned and waved to him, smiling. The green lawn of the park spread out before her, dotted with multi-colored eggs. She held his baseball cap in her hands to hold the eggs she would find, since Daddy had forgotten a basket.
pick-and-mix-171342_640 Bill waved back and called out, “Good luck Jen.” The siren of the nearby fire engine sounded and the children surged forward, followed in a moment or two by the adults. Bill moved through the confusion, stepping over the occasional trampled egg and past the occasional bewildered child, too slow or too timid to have found anything.
Jennie stood on the path, a survivor, holding the laden baseball cap.
“How did you do, Jen?”
“Uh huh, I got seven. I got a number one too, see? Number sixteen”
“That’s my girl. That means you win a prize.”
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Zeitgeist der Jugend – by Juliette Stenzel

November 7, 2013

This short story is only available in German.

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Happy Halloween! Congratulations to the winners of our Halloween competition!

October 31, 2013

Thank you for joining our Halloween competitions. We had so much fun reading your Black Story results and getting your scary Halloween pictures.

The winners of the Black Stories have been selected and will be notified by email.

Here are the results for our Black Stories:

SOLUTION 1: The groom had resorted to silver rings in order to save money. As he was just about to put the ring on his bride’s finger, she got frightened and ran out of the Registry Office. The young vampire had never shown her true self to her husband.

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Tips for Authors 2.0: Writing SEO texts made easy

October 11, 2013 clickworker blog 3 Comments

What actually distinguishes a SEO text from other texts? The aim of SEO texts is to improve the search engine ranking of specific web pages and keywords. In order for the search engine optimization (SEO = Search Engine Optimization) to be successful, the texts must contain issue-specific keywords that must be unique and appealing to the readers.

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