Tips for Authors 1.0 – In the beginning was the text

September 26, 2013 clickworker blog 5 Comments
1.) Before starting – Work Instructions do not bite!

Each text creation job on has a detailed Work Instruction attached, which summarises all the details relevant for a successful completion of the tasks. Before beginning a task, it is very important to read the instructions carefully. They provide the necessary information, but can also give some preliminary indications on the style of the text required.

Please ask yourself the following questions when reading the Work Instructions:

How long should the created text be? What is the target audience?
How should the reader be addressed?
Should the keywords be included/searched/tagged?
What is the required text content?
Is any special formatting required?

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Newcomer’s guide- Clickworker profile and qualifications

August 12, 2013 clickworker blog 22 Comments

Are you new at Clickworker and don’t quite know where to start? This article might provide some help.

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From old to new – the new Clickworker profile

August 1, 2013 clickworker blog 25 Comments

Things are really moving at clickworker! Since the Clickworker profile is getting a bit old, we decided to renew everything. And now we proudly present the new Clickworker Profile. But don’t worry – this only affects the User Profile – Workplace, Work History etc. all remain unchanged.

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Seven text evaluation categories – The new proofreader tool

July 26, 2013 clickworker blog 6 Comments

We have carried out a few updates in our system and as a result, we released a new evaluation system for text creation tasks. Until now the categories “spelling/grammar,” “style/phrasing” and “requirements of instructions fulfilled?” have been assessed on a three-stage scale: poor, acceptable, good. As of now, proofreaders will evaluate seven different categories on a four-stage scale.

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Help for farmers in Madagascar – second donation campaign successfully completed

July 5, 2013

You have decided on the winner of our second donation campaign: a project to support small-scale farmers in Madagascar. The winning campaign asserted itself against the German Red Cross campaign for victims of the flooding in five German states , and against the monkey orphanage in Cameroon.

Bildschirmfoto 2013-07-04 um 12.25.21

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Crowdsourcing and crisis communication II

May 3, 2013

The often quoted “wisdom of the crowd” is not necessarily a guarantee for dependable and truthful news. Users are quick to judge, provide alleged pictures and information in particular in cases of natural disasters or terror attacks.

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Getting more jobs with social media platforms!

February 8, 2013 clickworker blog 16 Comments

Every Clickworker has probably had a similar experience: you take the qualification tests and eagerly wait for the first jobs. But you sometimes miss jobs because you don't always have your start page open. However, there are ways of seeing the jobs more quickly and also more securely as soon as they are put online.
Another common situation can arise when you work weekends or late at night, the support is not staffed, and you have a problem. Is there any way of getting some help? We have expanded our social media offers at This means that questions and problems can be answered more quickly and that Clickworkers have quicker access to information. Find out what information we are providing on the respective platforms here.

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The Clickworker support and community management team

January 24, 2013 clickworker blog 7 Comments

Some staff changes have been made in the Support and Community Management team in the course of the past year. Mandy began work as a permanently employed Junior Community Manager in July 2012. She joins Angelina and Daniel, who have been staff members since 2008 and 2010. Mandy will work full time in Community Support as soon as she has completed her studies.

Clickworker community management AngelinaCommunity Support: MandyClickworker community management Ann-KristinClickworker community management DanielClickworker community management JanaClickworker community management Nadine

Angelina, Mandy, Ann-Kristin, Daniel, Jana, Nadine
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Show us your skills! Qualify for Clickworker jobs with certificates

January 3, 2013 clickworker blog 47 Comments

For the main part, being a Clickworker is about writing creative texts. There are plenty of tasks waiting to be processed. Clickworkers with sufficient writing experience can soon qualify as correctors. This qualification enables them to access and process more tasks.

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Making the world a better place at

November 26, 2012 clickworker blog 1 Comment

When major television stations start their yearly fund-raising marathons many viewers feel that they would like to do something good for others. In the course of the evening, telephones, manned for the most part by prominent helpers, run hot and the amount of money donated often increases at a tearing pace.

However one last hurdle remains: where will the money that has been donated actually go and how much of it will reach the needy?

Over the last five years, this question has been answer by the platform. Anyone who supports a project on Germany’s largest fund-raising platform knows exactly where their help is going and whom it reaches.

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