Short Story Competition 2017: Write a Story for clickworker

September 4, 2017

Up until now more than 50.000 texts have been completed on clickworker. This does not only show how much Clickworkers can achieve, it is also a big boost compared to the years before!

Looking at this great performance we ask ourself „Who are the creative heads behind the submitted texts?“. Let us take a look behind your screen and show us what kind of an author you are by joining our Short Story Competition!

short story competition undecided

„Undecided“ – Send us your best Short Story!

Leave your literary footprints at and send us your best short story in either English or German by 30.09.17 at the latest with “Short Story 2017” in the subject line to! Please also add your user name and a short description about yourself.

The stories submitted will be pre-selected and published in our blog. All Clickworkers can vote on the story that inspires them the most. As soon as they are published, voting for the best stories is possible until 31.10.17.

The three winners of the Short Story Competition will receive a cash prize of 50€ and a printed edition of the Clickworker eBook “Undecided“ containing a selection of the stories submitted.

The following tips could be helpful for writing short stories:

short story competition

Short stories normally consist of:
– a short text narrated over a short period of time;
– no introduction, or only a brief one;
– one/few main characters briefly introduced;
– no introduction, or only a brief one;
– a direct order of events, without any greater leaps in time or change in locations;
– an open and surprising ending that inspires readers to reflect upon the story.
– A short story is meant to be read in one go.
– Most short stories deal with every day topics.

– Languages: English/German
– Only one story may be submitted by each author
– Length: 200-1000 words
– Topic: Undecided / Unentschieden
– Deadline: 30.09.17

– By email with “Short Story 2017“ in the subject line to
– Story as attachment in DOC, TXT, ODT, or RTF format
– Include a brief description of yourself (2-5 sentences) in the email, which can be used if your story is published in the eBook.


You must have the copyright for the stories submitted. By submitting your stories, you agree to the conditions of participation and confer us the right to publish your text in our blog, and eventually in the free Clickworker eBook too under your user name or your name. You can also feel free to publish your text anywhere else.

Have fun!

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Mandy Meyer-Steffan

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Darcia 07.09.2017, 15:55:27 Uhr


I’ll definitely try to participate! I already have an idea!
I just have a question, when the instructions say: “You must have the copyright for the stories submitted”, does it mean that I need to have a legal document assigning me said copyright or just that the story is written by me?
The reason I ask is because I have none of my stories under legal documents of copyright and I know nothing about getting something like that at the moment.
Thanks in advance,