Newcomer’s guide- Clickworker profile and qualifications

August 12, 2013

Are you new at Clickworker and don’t quite know where to start? This article might provide some help.

Clickworker profile

After you’ve registered at and have received your confirmation email, your next step is to complete your Clickworker profile. The more information you provide, the more qualifications will be available to you. For instance, if you haven’t entered any language skills, you will not be able to take language tests.

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When you have finished entering the profile information, you ought to start working on the qualification tests that are available to you.

You might be able to see jobs on the workplace before you have taken the qualifications, however, a note indicates that these jobs require a qualification. Press the “Qualify” button to reach the suitable qualification for the respective job.

You can also press the “Qualifications” button in the black bar where you will find, and be able to take all the available tests.

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Instructions – How important are they and where do I find them?

It is essential that you always follow the instructions very carefully and allow yourself plenty of time for the tests. These qualifications are decisive for the authorization to work on future jobs. In addition, you must achieve a good result in some qualifications, for instance the “Qualify as an author” test, in order to take the corrector test.

The instructions are located directly next to the qualifications or jobs, as illustrated in the pictures below.

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Assessment of the Qualifications

Some qualifications are graded immediately. Some can take 1-2 days. The score of the test will determine whether you are given access to the respective work areas, and, depending on this, you will immediately receive initial tasks. However, you might pass the tests, but find that there are no tasks currently available. What jobs are available depends on what orders we have received from our customers. There is not always immediate work to be done in all languages and all work areas. If jobs are available they are displayed on our own homepage (at “Home”.)

As a rule the following applies: Qualifications are voluntary, however the more you have taken and passed, the larger the pool of tasks you can access will be.

Help and support

To share thoughts or questions with other clickworkers, simply register on the Clickworker Lounge page, at Facebook. You will find answers to many standard questions in the ) forum Clickworker Lounge. But you can of course turn to the Support Team with questions and problems, too via

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22 Kommentare

Claus-Thomas Soost 15.08.2013, 21:16:24 Uhr


Guten Tag.
Danke für die Post aber ich habe nicht ganz verstanden, was ich noch machen muß, um bei Euch mitzumachen.
Ich bin schon bei Textbroker,Stepstone und TripsbeiTips als Texter und Autor aktiv aber leben kann ich davon noch nicht.
Get mir doch bitte eine Antwort, wie es jetzt weitergehen soll

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Claus-Thomas Soost

Sonia 16.08.2013, 18:11:42 Uhr


I have already done all the tests and tasks available for me but I find no great amount of jobs to work on. Suppose I am not qualified for them ? I really do not understand as I believe I got high grades. Looking forward for your answer, thank you very much in advance, sincerely yours, Sonia

opelastra 16.08.2013, 21:43:42 Uhr


ich will mehr arbeit haben

Iris N 17.08.2013, 16:03:00 Uhr



Clickworker hat sich verbessert.

BARSHA 18.08.2013, 08:14:34 Uhr



Jana Rademacher 19.08.2013, 11:02:48 Uhr


Hallo Herr Soost,
um bei Aufträge zu erhalten müssen Sie auf jeden Fall die Qualifizierungstests machen. Diese finden Sie in Ihrem Konto unter “Qualifizierungen”. Um spezifische Qualifizierungen zu sehen, müssen Sie das Profil ausfüllen. Nur wenn wir wissen, welche Sprachkenntnisse Sie haben,können wir Ihnen den entsprechenden Test geben. Wenn Sie weiter Fragen haben wenden Sie sich gerne an

Liebe Grüße
Jana Rademacher

Support&Community Management

Jana Rademacher 19.08.2013, 11:05:06 Uhr


Dear Sonia,
we do not have jobs for all languages at all time. We can only offer what our clients have ordered. If you would like us to have a look at your account to see if everything is ok, send us an email –

Best regards
Jana Rademacher

Support & Community Management

Susanne Passarelli 20.08.2013, 19:28:39 Uhr


Hi I just finished the placemente test for spanish (from Spain), but as I specified in my profile, I live in Guatemala, and my spanish is Latin American. We frequently use different words for the same item, and it is not necessarily wrong. My grade was of 86%, which is 4 points below the minimum of 90%. I suggest you have a Spanish Placement Test for Latin America or be more flexible about the grade.
Best Regards,

Angelina Conic 21.08.2013, 13:21:26 Uhr


@Susanne Passarelli:

Thank you for your valuable feedback! There is a wide range of language varieties in Spanish. As we cannot do all of them justice, we decided to set-up a test in Spanish from Spain, also because this is the variety most often required by our clients. As we do not want to disadvantage Spanish native speakers that come from other regions, we stated at the beginning of the test that the evaluation has to be done in Spanish from Spain and that this needs to be taken into account when choosing one of the alternative options.
Support & Community Management

Busi 23.08.2013, 16:01:19 Uhr


Hi I have completed my assessments but I have not received any jobs to do. how many assessments do I have to complete to get a paying Job

Jana Rademacher 26.08.2013, 14:29:28 Uhr


Dear Busi,
depending on your language skills there might not be any jobs at the moment. We cannot guarantee jobs for all languages and skills at all times. But if you fell that it might be a different problem send us an email

Best regards

yahya 27.08.2013, 13:52:12 Uhr


i’ve completed assessments with 91% score and there’s suggestion to
repeatable at 30 Aug 13.

if I can get to work and what should be on the menu I could start ?

Johannes44 27.08.2013, 22:39:12 Uhr



ich habe bei meinem Profil bereits alles aufgefüllt was möglich ist und auch schon zwei Arbeitsproben geschrieben. Wann wird der “Profil-Fortschritt” komplett abegeschlossen sein ?



Carmen 28.08.2013, 08:46:34 Uhr



I have my profile filled out, completed project assessments and under “Available Jobs” it shows that I have: “Compare Web Search Results”.

When I enter to start, it shows: “No My Hitapps available. Visit MarketPlace to see if any Hitapps are available for you”. Nothing in Marketplace either.

Does this mean that there are no tasks available?

Thank you!

Jana Rademacher 30.08.2013, 09:38:41 Uhr


Dear yahya,
if there are more assesments available, you should take those, too. If you cannot see any jobs on the dashboard of your workplace it can have two reasons. First: Maybe there are no jobs online on the plattform, which fit your language skills. Second: Maybe your assessments scores were too low and you are not qualified for the jobs available.

Best regards

Jana Rademacher 30.08.2013, 09:41:28 Uhr


Hallo Johannes,
momentan kommt man leider nur auf 100%, wenn man auch Übersetzertätigkeiten eingetragen hat. Wir arbeiten aber daran, dass sich das ändert. Natürlich müssen nicht alle unserer Clickworker übersetzen können. Bis wir das Problem gelöst haben, bitte ich Sie die unvollständige Anzeige zu ignorieren. Haben Sie das Gefühl, dass es vielleciht noch andere Probleme gibt, können Sie uns auch gerne eine Email schreiben.

Beste Grüße

Jana Rademacher 02.09.2013, 09:13:51 Uhr


Dear Carmen,
if in fact you have completed all assessments and still see no jobs, it might be that there are no jobs available in you area of expertise. You can also send us an email.

Best regards

Andrew Stone 08.09.2013, 15:41:28 Uhr



I’ve worked as a ‘native English’ editor on a number of products, magazines and books. I convert ‘first pass’ foreign languages to native English (American and English)

I work with partners in Russia, Poland and Romania.

I have a working knowledge (not translation) of German, Polish and Russian – and can follow the intent of the original. That is I can follow how the translation is influenced by the users native language. For instance, native English.

‘If there are assessments available, you should take those as well. There are two reasons why you may not be able to see jobs on the board. Firstly there may not be any jobs that fit your language skills. Second your scores may be too low and you are not qualified’

Subtle differences that do not affect meaning, but which show the writing style is influenced by German.

I also have expertise in writing for Medical Science, IT, Business Management, the defence industry and the nuclear industry. Is there any way these skills can be highlighted in the profile?

Josephine Smith 24.01.2014, 11:11:25 Uhr


Hello, I was trying to do my profile and whenever I try to select my native language, a message keeps popping up saying “Information about native languages cannot be altered subsequently.” So, what am I supposed to do to complete my profile?

yasmin 11.09.2014, 13:36:21 Uhr


I am new to clickworker, I don’t find any assessments, and i’m very much confused in proceeding further, please guide me.

Amelie 25.09.2014, 14:46:56 Uhr


Dear Yasmin, currently there aren’t assessments for every country available. If you have any more questions please send us an email to Kind regards

Gina 29.07.2015, 22:07:59 Uhr


I need help I’m new to this what is the best approach to this