Moving abroad – how do I change my profile?

February 23, 2011

Be it for a job, or simply wanderlust – many of our Clickworkers are moving, and not just to another town. These days, working from anywhere in the world is not a problem. Those who choose to leave their home countries still have their Clickworker accounts. But when they arrive at their new residence, some Clickworkers come to us saying, “I can change my address in Workplace, but not the country! Does that make any sense?”

Yes and no. There are different reasons that you may not be able to change your country of residence in your account:

Different countries – different companies
From now on, if you are e.g. living in North America, you will be dealing with Clickworker, not humangrid GmbH. Your bills will be officially paid out of our branch office in Rochester, New York. That´s why it isn´t so simple to just change your profile after moving. In addition, there are different standard terms of business.

Bank accounts and Clickworker accounts
When you move to a new country, you generally have to change your bank account. As a Clickworker in Germany, your earnings are wired through a German or international account, or through PayPal. Outside of the Single Euro Payment Area countries (which include 27 EU countries, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein) there is only the possibility to be paid through PayPal.

Tax policy variations
Those who count themselves as Clickworkers, as freelancers, are required to retain a tax ID number. Tax codes vary from country to country, so occasionally it´s not possible to process a switch.

And here´s how you change your country of residence
For all these reasons, the country of residence on your profile can only be changed through us. So if you´re enjoying your time abroad, but are having trouble with your country profile designation, send us an e-mail at and we´ll make sure you can continue as a Clickworker and collect your earnings.

(written by Patricia Schiel)

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Santos sa 05.07.2011, 12:16:29 Uhr


Good morning. I live in France, and I don’t know what a tax number is. Do you know the french equivalent?

Daniel Marz 05.07.2011, 12:18:24 Uhr


You only need to provide a VAT-Nr if you are self employed or freelancer. In all other cases only answer the first question and leave the form field “tax nr” blank. Don’t forget to save, even if you didn’t change the default settings!