Why Is Payment Only On The 7th Of Every Month?

September 30, 2010
Clickworker payment

clickworker.com pays their Clickworkers always and only on the 7th of every month. Should the 7th fall on a weekend or legal holiday in Germany or the United States then payment will occur on the first workday after the 7th. There is a technical reason for this payment schedule, and that is because tasks can be rejected up to seven days after their completion. After this waiting period a completed task is automatically considered accepted and the Clickworker can have the agreed amount credited to their account in payment for their work.

Because of bank processing time, payments appear in individual Clickworker bank accounts usually 2 or 3 days later. The actual time may vary but generally the payment should be in the bank accounts within three days.

Clickworkers can view their current account status as well as any amounts that they are payable in the workplace. These payable amounts can not be rejected because those tasks have either gone through the 7 day waiting period or they have been individually checked and judged to be acceptable. However the account status will also contain jobs that have been completed but have not yet been formally accepted.

Because clickworker.com pays on a monthly basis, the payment that is sent out on the 7th of the month includes all payment due for work completed from the first to the last day of the previous month.

On June 30th a job which did not require individual verification was finished. So on July 7th the account balance will be credited the amount for this job and payment will be made. If the payment day were the first of the month, payment for that particular job would still be pending because it did not complete the 7 day waiting period.

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