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Data Categorization

Some part-time jobs are strenuous and some can be carried out on the side – without time pressure and without stress. Do you enjoy analyzing data files such as videos, photos or documents, and classifying them according to terms? Or are you someone who can quickly find given information on the Internet?

Here at clickworker you can evaluate, analyze or categorize the content of websites, search results, images or documents whenever you feel like it. This is what your task might look like: Does the search result really match the given search request? View two Landing Pages and decide which one provides the reader with the most precise information; or check whether there is adult content on some web pages.

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How do I become a data expert on clickworker?

Most important of all, you are a registered Clickworker at the right time and the right place. Data categorization jobs at clickworker appear without any prior warning and soon disappear because they are very popular. If you can’t find any jobs directly on the Clickworker Workplace, then take a look at our partner platform, UHRS.

To access UHRS jobs, you will have to complete two UHRS qualifications. Please note: You will have to demonstrate sufficient English language skills.

Available jobs will be displayed directly on your Clickworker user account or alternatively, on UHRS.

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