Our Clickworker community

Our Clickworker community

Our community now includes more than 6 million internet-savvy people from all over the world, our so-called Clickworkers. Each and every one of our registered users has entrusted us with numerous details about their person and skills in order to be offered suitable small online jobs (microjobs) for processing in the so-called workplace of our platform. Our Clickworkers work with us on a freelance basis and receive a fixed fee for each properly completed job.

Our platform is geared towards people who would like to use their spare time to generate additional income with their knowledge and skills from home or on the road.

The strength of our crowd

  • Public crowd with over 6 million registered Clickworkers on clickworker.com
  • We recruit new Clickworkers with special qualifications for your specific project needs
  • If needed, we can also include our managed crowds – via our external partners – for your project


Based on our experience we have developed specialized filtering methods to ensure that we are able to only assign the best qualified Clickworkers for the jobs to your project. Through these measures we are able to consistently provide you with high-quality work results.

This is how we ensure the qualification of our crowd for your project:
  • Registration on our platform by supplying personal data, place of residence, mother tongue, skills, knowledge and interests
  • Completion of project-independent online tests/training (writing and language qualifications)
  • Project specific tests/training
  • Evaluation of the work results

Broad spread of our Clickworker community – Demographics

With Clickworkers between the ages of 18 and 80, all genders and various employment levels, our globally distributed community represents a broad cross-section of the population.
However, the major share of our crowd are students and freelancers who generate an additional income with us on a freelance basis with their skills and knowledge.

Distribution by age

Distribution by gender

Distribution by gender

Level of Education


High School /


College /



Global distribution

Our crowd worldmap


Thanks to our globally based crowd and the resulting diversity of native languages, combined with the additional knowledge and skills of our Clickworkers, we can cover a wide range of tasks in numerous countries and languages.


Fair working practices are important to us

Our Clickworkers make up the core part of our company and are instrumental in our success.

We are committed to fair cooperation with the Clickworkers, but also between customers and Clickworkers.
When calculating the Clickworker fees for country-specific projects, we do not use rates below the minimum wages applicable in the respective country.

In addition, we offer our Clickworkers the best possible email support to cover all their needs, as well as exchange opportunities via a forum and social media platforms.

The Crowdsourcing Code of Conduct – for fair cooperation

Together with the Deutsche Crowdsourcing Verband (German Crowdsourcing Organization) and the crowdsourcing providers, Testbirds (Initiators of the Code of Conduct) and Streetspottr, we have developed a code of conduct to regulate the prospective cooperation between service providers, customers and crowdworkers. The goal is to supplement the legislation and establish general guidelines that will make crowdworking, a new form of work, profitable for everyone involved.
Since its creation in 2017, the Code of Conduct has been expanded and optimized to its current status, also in cooperation with IG Metall and new members.

The Code of Conduct includes basic principles

  • regarding the seriousness of the tasks offered,
  • regarding information about the crowdworker’s legal situation,
  • regarding the fair payment of the crowd,
  • regarding crowd motivation,
  • regarding task definition and time management,
  • regarding freedom and flexibility in the completion of tasks,
  • regarding support for the crowdworker,
  • regarding support for the crowdworker,
  • regarding work environment as well as
  • data privacy and sphere of privacy.