Keeping your data safe is our main priority

As part of our community, you are entrusting us with details about your person in order to be offered suitable jobs on our platform.

Why do we need your data?

As transparency and trust are two of our most important values, we would like to provide a better understanding of which data we collect, why we need it and how we process it.

Your profile data is needed
Profile data

Profile data

Your profile data is the most important information you provide. Just as every person is individual, so is your job list. Based on the information you provide in your profile, you will be offered and invited to projects that suit you. However, your data has far more purposes.

Your profile data is needed for:

  • Analyzing and getting to know our community much better. Only then we will be able to optimize our platform and projects for you.
  • Keeping our community legitimate and safe. Since fake profiles are a growing issue, we run security checks to protect your account.
Job data

Job data

Job data includes everything you create, check or collect during your work on our projects: texts, surveys, voice recordings, videos, images, evaluations, scores and ratings.

It is the content you are paid for. Completing tasks and submitting the required job data is how you earn money with us and how we run projects successfully.

Your job data is important to:

  • Complete tasks sucessfully
  • Finish customer projects
  • Get paid for your work
Your job data is important
Your payment data helps us
Payment data

Payment data

Earning money is why you are here. We use several payment providers to make thousands of payments each week. To do that, we need your payment and tax details.

This includes your PayPal address, Payoneer account or your bank account, along with some personal data from your payment provider to prevent any unauthorized use. Payment data also includes all your clickworker invoices and tax information (e.g. the SSN for US citizens or the VAT ID for EU freelancers).

Your payment data helps us to:

  • Connect to your payment provider and process your payouts
  • Make sure you receive regular payments in time
  • Provide invoices for your personal record and taxation
Analytical data

Analytical data

A platform like clickworker needs to be evolving constantly. Analytical data is used for continuously improving it. This helps us to implement better processes, develop new and helpful features or locate technical issues and bugs.

We also use analytical data to detect fraud and protect both our platform and Clickworker accounts.

Your analytical data is used to:

  • Improve the platform features
  • Identify bugs and issues
  • Make working on jobs more fun
  • Increase the variety of tasks
Your analytical data is used

How do we handle
and protect your data?

Keeping your stored personal data safe and to a minimum are our main priorities.

We protect your data

We achieve that goal by storing only necessary information. Our data center uses state-of-the-art protection in hardware, software and external processes.

We regularly train our staff on how to keep your data secure from unauthorized access. Data no longer required is deleted.

We also make sure that our clients use your project data only for the purposes you agreed upon in the project.

What data do we collect?

Here is a brief overview of what data we collect

Profile data

Profile data

All information about your person, your skills and your interests

Job Data

Job Data

Everything you create, check or collect during your work

Payment Data

Payment Data

The data regarding your payment provider and payouts

Analytical Data

Analytical Data

All about your platform experience and improving its features