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The company profile is the core of your brand. It describes the mission of your business, what you stand for and how it all came to life. Our professional company profile writers are able to select the relevant details and compose texts that are concise, up-to-date, and appealing to stakeholders, investors as well as online visitors.

Company profile writing service by clickworker
Company profile writing service

Use cases for company profile writing service

  • Concise company profiles for online business directories
  • “About Us” timeline for your website and social media platforms
  • Detailed business profiles
  • Company history and development
  • Summary/brief portfolio
  • Press release boilerplate
  • Company insights for Wiki entries

from company profile writing service

Especially with larger text amounts our company profile writing service will benefit you on a multitude of levels.

    Marketing Benefits

  • Stand out from competing brands in your industry
  • SEO-optimized company profiles enhance good rankings
  • Receive more leads and conversions
  • Business Benefits

  • Many texts in little time
  • Economical solution
  • Make use of our managed service and receive professional and technical support for your project
  • Scalable and flexible workforce
  • Benefit in value

  • Buy company profiles for several languages
  • Have native speakers write your international company profiles
  • Ensure uniformity of your texts by ordering from one provider
  • Quality control included
company profile writing service

Unique company profiles

Smart organizations understand the importance of developing a company profile; it is the flagship of your business, providing a face and a personality to your brand. A company narrative builds transparency around who you are and what you do, helping potential customers, as well as employees, to identify with your business and its mission. Order our company profile writing service for intentional content!

SEO and company profiles

The information you incorporate into your profile also helps in optimizing your website, resulting in increased rankings within search engine results. Our team of qualified Clickworkers is prepared to develop profile(s) that meet your various needs, from a singular company narrative to a series of unique profiles for subsidiaries whose business offerings are incorporated into or represented on your website. Learn more about how an SEO text works and why it is relevant for your business.

Content designed to suit your needs

In using our team to develop this content, your business is guaranteed original, unique texts free of plagiarisms and designed to uphold the standards dictated by search engine algorithms. Our authors are poised to write illustrative profiles according to your specifications with regard to content, length, and keyword density. These texts will represent your history, the sector of business in which you operate, location(s), services, and products, and what sets you apart from the competition. Texts can also include details such as memberships and awards or recognitions to further emphasize your point of difference. Find out more about how we approach company profiles.

company profile writing service by clickworker
company profile writing self service

Self Service

Order company profiles at our Self-Service Marketplace

If you want to place your order directly and submit your tasks without any further help to our Clickworker community, visit our Self-Service Marketplace. This service is suitable for small projects and simple tasks. It allows you to save on setup fees. Create the job in the self-service process and let suitable Clickworkers complete your tasks.

Self Service for our company profile writing service:
How it works

  • Select from our framework conditions: Which text category, language, length, and quality requirements do you need?
  • Find a team of authors for your task and set up a briefing to help the writers understand your needs and priorities for the company profile(s)
  • Read our Tips on creating a briefing in order to include all important aspects
  • Submit your SEO specifications such as text topic, keywords and keyword density via our task form or upload the data as an excel file
  • If needed, adapt the task form to how you would like the authors to see the assignment
  • Pay money onto the prepaid account and place your order
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Managed Service

Use our managed Service for large-scale company profile service

As a full-service provider we can also take over the whole project management process for you. Discuss your project with us and we will advise you ensuring the best outcome possible. We will set up the assignment, break it down into microtasks, offer these to our qualified Clickworker authors and vouch for quality content. We will also take care of the payment to the Clickworkers for you.

If you require assistance with your request, please get in touch with our managed service team. Your personal consultant and contact person will be glad to assist and advise you!

company profile writing managed service

Managed Service for our company profile service:
How it works

  • Contact our service team where you will be connected with a project manager to discuss your project needs and advise you regarding the clickworker process.
  • We will set up the project and notify Clickworkers with suitable qualifications that tasks are ready for processing via our online platform.
  • Our authors will develop the search engine optimized ompany profile texts according to your specifications.
  • Upon request, a qualified editor will check the texts for spelling, grammar, and content-related errors.
  • All articles are made accessible to you after our quality controls including plagiarism, correct keyword density, and text length.
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Order requirements for the company profile writing service

We require access to the following information to ensure the best service concerning your inquiries or when placing an order for our company profile service:

  • What language will you need?
  • What is the volume of the data, of the order?
  • What is the text length?
  • Do you want subheadings?
  • What are the quality requirements?
  • What keywords will be integrated? And how often
  • Which kind of information should be included ?
  • What are your demands regarding the text style?
  • What format will be needed for the company profile texts? Special characters, html format, or other formats?
  • Will you need an API connection?

FAQs concerning company profile writing services

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding company profiles below.

What belongs into a company profile?

Depending on whether you want to create a company profile for internal or external use the length and depth of the text will vary. Interesting elements of a company profile include the mission and vision of a business, its core values, and its history. You can highlight factors that led to the founding, important milestones or introduce the board members. You can also add a section about the products and services of the company and what makes them different.

Why is a company profile necessary for my business?

The background and the spirit of a company is what makes your business unique and what sets you apart from competitors. The company profile is the place to communicate what defines you as a brand, where you position yourselves and emphasize what you want to be known for. It allows you to build trust and have customers identify with the company.

How do company profile writers know what to write?

When you hire company profile writers’ communication is key. A detailed briefing will help the authors to not only integrate all important information but also grasp the underlying tone you want to bring across. Provide the Clickworkers with useful sources and perhaps send a sample text that fulfills your expectations to serve as an example

Order company profile service from clickworker

With a crowdsourcing platform as big as clickworker you can easily obtain company profiles for different purposes in over thirty languages. Our professional company profile writers adhere to high quality standards that will not only meet your customer’s requirements but also those of search engines. clickworker is your partner when it comes to text production for your online presence. For more insight into our working conditions and vision on digital nomads have a look at our signed Code of Conduct.

Contact us +1 (212) 878-6686 +49 201 95971830

What our customers say about us

We thought it was important to give our visitors more than just product offers; alternatively, we sought to provide them background information about the companies that make up our marketplace. Insights into what companies are behind the available offers, and what singles them out from the competition were crucial. This kind of information often helps our customers make informed decisions that result in positive feelings post-purchase. Because of our size and continuously evolving platform of offers and providers, we were faced with the challenge of developing hundreds of varying business profiles. From experience, we knew this to be a very time-consuming project which is why we decided to have the work done by clickworker. This decision ensured that we received the profiles promptly, with little effort on our part and in a format that was free from plagiarisms.Their efforts also guaranteed our texts were search engine optimized, thereby extending the online reach of our business.


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