Company Profiles

Company Profiles

Our international pool of qualified Clickworkers develops informative company profiles for your business in a variety of languages to support your global needs. Profiles contain vital insights into your company (and relevant subsidiaries) that better inform your website visitors about your brand and the services/products you offer.

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Company Profiles

Areas of Application

  • Concise company profiles for online business directories
  • “About Us” chronicle on your website and social media platforms
  • Detailed business profiles
  • Company history and development
  • Summary/brief portfolio relevant text
  • Press release boilerplate
  • Company insights for Wiki entries


  • Business differentiator
  • Increase in conversion rate
  • Realize top-notch search engine ranking for your website/online store
  • Speed; prompt creation of large quantities of text
  • Text(s) available in a multitude of languages; controlled environment ensures uniformity
  • Integration of best practices in language localization
  • Quality-assurance guaranteed
  • Cost-effective solution
  • One-stop managed service
  • Scalable throughout
  • Flexible workforce
Company Profiles

Company Profile creation by clickworker

Smart organizations understand the importance of developing a company profile; it stands as your business’ calling card, providing a face and a personality to your brand. A company narrative builds transparency around who you are and what you do, helping potential customers, as well as employees, to identify with your business and its mission.

The information you incorporate into your profile also aids in optimizing your website, resulting in increased ranking within search engine results. Our team of qualified Clickworkers is prepared to develop profile(s) that meet your various needs, from a singular company narrative to a series of unique profiles for subsidiaries whose business offerings are incorporated into or represented on your website.

In using our team to develop this content, your business is guaranteed original, unique texts free of plagiarisms and designed to uphold the standards dictated by search engine algorithms. Our authors are poised to write illustrative profiles according to your specifications with regard to content, length and keyword density. These texts will be representative of your history, the sector of business in which you operate, location(s), services/products, and what sets you apart from the competition. Texts can also include details such as memberships and awards/recognitions to further emphasize your point of difference.

Company Profile creation by clickworker
Self Service Descriptions of Destinations

Self Service
Company Profiles

Use our Self-Service Marketplace to place your text creation orders. This service is especially designed for smaller or standardized tasks. It involves no setup fees for the wide-ranging project setup and specification.

How it works:

  • You specify the text category, language, length and quality requirements
  • Select a team of authors and develop text creation instructions
    Tips to create a briefing
  • Enter text topics, keywords as well as keyword density details on the task form, or upload this data by means of an excel file
  • If needed, the task form can be displayed to the authors individually and edited according to your specific requirements
  • Charge credit to your account and submit your order
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Managed Service
Company Profiles

As a full-service provider, we can tap into a wealth of crowdsourcing solutions to accommodate your varied needs thanks to a process that is systematic, structured and designed to ensure the best possible outcomes. We work closely with you to define your project requirements and to outline the available options, guaranteeing a seamless customer experience. Our procedural steps include dividing the project into micro-tasks, sourcing the appropriate Clickworkers to execute, reviewing the final results to ensure quality and the management of all aspects related to payment.

Do not hesitate to contact our service team should you need help with your request. Your personal adviser and contact person will be pleased to assist you!

Managed Service Descriptions of Destinations

How it works:

  • Contact our service team and you will be connected with a project administrator to discuss and advise your project needs.
  • Once the project setup has been completed, Clickworkers with the qualifications needed to process the tasks will be informed that these are available to them via our online platform.
  • Our authors will develop the search engine optimized company profile texts according to your specifications.
  • In addition, you can request the services of a qualified editor to check the texts for spelling, grammar and content errors.
  • Your texts will be made available to you after we have completed quality-control checks that include plagiarism, correct keyword density and text length.
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Order Specifications

We will need the following basic information in order to provide the best possible advice regarding an inquiry, or to place an order for our “Company Profiles” services:

  • What language will you need?
  • What is the volume of the data, of the order?
  • What is the text length?
  • Do you want subheadings?
  • What are the quality requirements?
  • What keywords will be integrated? And how often?
  • Which kind of information should be included ?
  • What are your demands regarding the text style?
  • What format will be needed for the company profile texts? Special characters, html format, or other formats?
  • Will you need an API connection?

What our Customers say about us

We thought it was important to give our visitors more than just product offers; alternatively, we sought to provide them background information about the companies that make up our marketplace. Insights into what companies are behind the available offers, and what singles them out from the competition were crucial. This kind of information often helps our customers make informed decisions that result in positive feelings post-purchase. Because of our size and continuously evolving platform of offers and providers, we were faced with the challenge of developing hundreds of varying business profiles. From experience, we knew this to be a very time-consuming project which is why we decided to have the work done by clickworker. This decision ensured that we received the profiles promptly, with little effort on our part and in a format that was free from plagiarisms.Their efforts also guaranteed our texts were search engine optimized, thereby extending the online reach of our business.


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