Article Marketing – A Short Explanation

Article marketing relies on publishing articles on external websites, which are ultimately advertising. The website that publishes the article profits from inexpensive, frequently even free content. This has beneficial SEO effects for all of those involved.

Article marketing is content marketing

Article marketing is a subsection of content marketing. The website operators have inexpensive access to content, which optimizes their Internet presence. The provider of the article profits from advertising and backlinks, which lead to its offer. Articles spread very quickly on the Web via social media, for instance Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. Newsletters can also call attention to interesting articles. This type of marketing is therefore a simple and inexpensive way of ensuring the optimal distribution of products, services and campaigns.

Remarks about article marketing

Professional article marketing relies on high quality content. Get more information about our solutions in the Content creation section.

Factors for successful article marketing

Productive article marketing relies on the quality of the text that will be published as an article. Three factors are significant:

  • The content meets the interests of the target group.
  • The style is informative yet not too promotional.
  • The article appears on a website that is relevant for the target group.

Information in the form of tips, insider know-how or news is especially popular. A very lucrative SEO effect can be achieved in particular when a blog includes links to social media. The strategy of targeted placement of informative articles is also possible by means of social media portals such as Facebook or Twitter. Article marketing follows a fundamental principle of inbound marketing in which the customer is meant to find the product – in this case through an article with one or several hyperlinks. For popular topics the provider supplies valuable content, which the potential customer is looking for. Taken from an SEO perspective a well-written article benefits both parties:

  • By using strategically placed keywords and relevant content, the website operator obtains good positions with Google.
  • Google rates backlinks as a positive vote for the website it refers to.

Article marketing therefore creates a win-win situation. An increasing number of companies are acquiring new customers with this strategy.

Make use of the diversity of the formats

Contributions for article marketing are not solely published as texts on websites. A broad spectrum of media has a significant impact on the distribution of content. For instance:

  • Newsletter
  • Ebooks
  • Infographs
  • Videos

Ebooks, infographs and videos are generally integrated in an article and enhance the appeal of the contribution to the user. Search engines also appreciate the submission of additional formats.

Optimizing articles with SEO measures

Providers of article marketing work together with professional authors to create high quality search engine optimized texts according to the customer’s specifications. Content providers such as clickworker offer these content writing services. An all-round briefing of the authors is an important factor for texts that will appear on a website. In addition to the topics, specifications can also include precise keyword densities, which send positive signals to Google and other search engines.