Content Marketing – A Short Explanation

Content Marketing is a technique used by marketers to create and distribute content that is valuable, relevant and consistent to attract a targeted audience or viewer. Its purpose is to raise awareness of a brand or a company product before it lands a sale. It is actually considered to be the educational and informative stage of marketing a product. Whether the product goal is to drive a sale, raise awareness, retain customers or create an engaging community it is done with value and always focuses on the needs of a customer first.

The most common techniques in Content Marketing

When considering adopting a content marketing technique it is important to evaluate which one might work best. Here are some of the most common techniques:

  • Public speaking
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Websites
  • SEO
  • Infographics
  • Books

Public Speaking

Many self-employed individuals benefit from the public speaking method because it is their actual career job. They can discuss any topic or tell a story and the information they disclose verbally usually refers to a direct or indirect product.

Podcasts and Videos

Podcasts are considered to be one of the high quality marketing methods because it provides an informational avenue that listeners and readers love to receive daily. It is like listening to a radio show that never ends because people always want more of it. Videos are more of an advertised and commercially based way to attract viewers. Videos can be used to display live or on-screen events, animation or highlight a product or service. Its entire purpose is to drive a sale and attract a viewer as opposed to a podcaster whose purpose is to bring quality and information to the ears of a listener.


Websites provide streams of information but they are more considered to be on the brochure side of a marketing method because most information provided on websites are vague and may require registering before you receive more information about the product or service.


Publishing a book or e-book is a great way to establish a level of credibility and authenticity on a topic a person may consider themselves to be knowledgeable or an official expert in. Writing allows an individual to have control over the tone and style of the content written so the reader can receive the material just as they envisioned it. This is one of the most powerful methods because an individual ensures they are clear and concise when they write a message to their audience.


Infographics are charts, graphs or statistical information used in graphic designs. Sometimes the best way to understand something is to visually read it and this method helps spread news, display jargon, informational or boring topics in a cool way. For example, if the topic of discussion is the weather, a new sustainable going green tactic or explaining something as simple as content marketing to the average person, the message being delivered is usually lost in translation when a speech or lecture is given. But if you read a quick visual informational post about the topic, a reader or student might say cool and even share the new information they just received with another individual and that is a highly effective marketing technique. Another example of this is receiving information you did not expect, like when you buy a special drink and under the lid there is a cool drink fact about something you were never informed on. Infographics are very effective when creating quick how-to tutorial guides or articles as well.

Digital Content Marketing

Another more popular marketing method used by many is Digital Content Marketing. Digital content marketing allows the focus of brand colors, logos, fonts and designs in one’s marketing strategy. The most common digital methods used are online chats, emails, video chats or any face-to-face or remote product or service.


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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing enhances the efforts of traditional marketing methods because it connects everyone in real-time therefore. Marketers or an audience will never miss news on your product line. The best social media platforms to utilize this technique are companies like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest. These companies can help brands or individuals gain a social media following and allow them to distribute marketing of a product or service quickly.

Benefits of Digital Content Marketing Campaigns

A digital campaign is a more hands-on approach to content marketing. It creates fun and innovative interactions between a brand and its customers. This allows companies to analyze the behavior of their customers so they can deliver more similar products or activities their customer would like to engage in.

Initiation of Content Marketing Campaigns

To get started with a content marketing method you must create a strategy first. Simply think about what you want to communicate to your audience and brainstorm a way to deliver that memorable message. You can tell your brand’s story, innovation plans or highlight informational facts through many techniques listed above or create your own new method. The possibilities are endless but the trick is to sell the idea first to build up the potential sell of the product.The next step is to identify the results you want your content marketing method to achieve. The goal can be to establish an understanding of who is your audience, obtain new email subscribers, gain sales or attract more viewers of a specific audience. Identifying this purpose helps keep track of the content’s performance so you can ascertain what works and what does not work. Overall, there is no wrong way to distribute your content, but it makes sense to find out which methods are more and which are less effective for your brand or product. There are even companies that do this work for you. You can work with engineers, social and community brands or individuals to ensure your content is highly effective for your marketing goal.