Content Seeding – A Short Explanation

Content Seeding, the distribution of content through diverse channels like for example your own homepage, Facebook or in a blog, is performed with the goal of reaching the largest possible target audience. But before the seeding starts, a couple of questions should be asked and answered.

Content Seeding – It’s All About How To Reach

Content seeding helps a company enhance its brand awareness and obtain new customers through the use of social media platforms. It allows an individual to place links to their content so clicks acquired worldwide are directly linked back to a company’s landing page.

Content seeding is one of the best Marketing strategies today because it helps spread the word on content a company produces, helps you network and it eliminates the need of SEO. Plus, learning how to create a strategy is super easy.

Creating A Content Seeding Strategy

Three main requirements for a successful content seeding marketing strategy consists of creating content, obtaining viewers, and finding locations to distribute content.

Creating Content

In order to you get started creating content, you must first define your goal. You should research your targeted audience on social media platforms and develop an analysis of what’s currently trending. Then, decide on the type of content you are going to use. You can write an article, design an infographic or create a video. If you don’t have a targeted audience you can create content based on the image you would like your viewers to see and review it with friends and family members before posting it.

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Obtaining Viewers

The next step is to obtain viewers. Nowadays, you can hire social media influencers to obtain viewers for you. Social media influencers share your content to a targeted audience or you can skip hiring one and manually solicit potential customers, blog posts of online bloggers other social media pages with content pitches.

One simple way to find influencers is to use an Influencer Marketing Software. These softwares that allow you to set a budget for each link you would like to use. The budget is utilized by how many clicks the link receives and the cost per click. This content seeding method helps builds a network between you and potential influencers. The influencers views your profile and content and decide if they want to share your content on their social media platforms, that way you don’t have to reach out to them.

The manual way to the same content seeding method above is to research potential influencers whose interest in the same as your targeted audience and send them a message asking if they are interested in sharing your content. There are many websites dedicated to finding a social media influencer or brand ambassador like,, and

When manually requesting an influencer to share a post on your content it’s important to set the tone on your budget. Also, social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram offer sponsored posts so you can get an idea of how many outreach you can acquire in a day for just $1. Three things to remember when you commit to the manual method. You must avoid to being viewed as a spammer when you solicit messages to people you try to network with, work within your budget when negotiating with an influencer and don’t be afraid to decline a price someone sets because, there is always an influencer that exists within your financial needs.

Also, there is a secret method that can enhance your viewers and that is networking with another brand. There are two ways to do this. You can do simple research within your company’s category of content or create a social media influencer account to browse through other brands more quickly. This method is great because most brands already have a targeted audience with thousands of viewers and if you provide a service, product or just content that could enhance their efforts or results it’s a win-win.

SideNote: If you have enough funds you can even request social media influencers to create content for you. There are many influencers that are great at creating content and utilizing this can help reduce creative content time on your behalf.

Distributing Content

And finally, finding a location to distribute content. Outside of social media platforms distributing content can be difficult but it is very much possible. There are websites like forums, libraries and organizations like where you can post content to spread awareness of your brand. Doing a little research for organizations or communities within your brand’s field of interest can certainly widen your options to increase viewers to your website. An additional location not utilized often is searching mobile apps. There are many companies or brands that only exists as apps and networking with them to pay for advertising on their platform is a great marketing strategy because they probably already offer advertising packages.

With a content seeding marketing strategy set in place your company is bound to reach viewers within its targeted audience in no time. Like any Marketing method there is trial and error but this method allows you to control the outcome. Whether you create the content, set the budget or analyzing the results you have the upper hand in how many errors you commit to.