Corporate Blogging – Short Conceptual Explanation

Corporate blogging is used by corporations and other organizations as a way to reach professional goals. The blog is usually located on the company’s website and contains a wide variety of content that can include industry updates, tips, company news and more. A corporate blog can either be internal or external, depending on the goals that need to be achieved.

Internal corporate blogging

Internal blogging is more informal than external corporate blogging. These blogs are created as a way for a company to update employees or engage them in meaningful conversations. They are not open to the general public.

An internal corporate blog can help a business reach goals that include:

  • Employee participation in policy creation, product creation and more
  • Free discussion of issues that relate to the workplace
  • Easy and quick communication between different departments and areas of an organization
  • Documentation of collaborative efforts and decision making

Internal corporate blogs can also provide employees with a sense of community because they allow all members of an organization to share their opinions and expertise.


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Corporate Blogging

External corporate blogging

An external corporate blog is available to the public through the company’s website. The blog can be written for consumers or for other businesses. The target audience depends on the company’s mission, products or services.

There is a wide variety of topics that can be covered with external corporate blogging. A company may use the blog to:

  • Announce new products or services
  • Share industry news
  • Clarify policies, warranties and mission statements
  • React to public criticism or a timely issue in the news
  • Share expert tips
  • Update the public about changes to the company

External corporate blogs offer a direct and honest view of the company that is updating the blog. Articles may be written by members of the company or guest bloggers but the public is not allowed to post articles without permission.

However, some corporations enable comments on the blog. This provides an organization with the ability to get customer feedback and engage in meaningful discussions with current and potential customers and clients.

Corporate Blogging

Blogging as a marketing technique

The main goal of external corporate blogging is to market the associated business. Businesses that choose to market using a blog are 13 times more likely to see a return on their investments than businesses that do not create blog content for their website.

There is a number of ways a corporate blog can increase marketing efforts that include:

  • Search Engine Optimization: Corporate blogging can help an organization increase their chances of showing up on the first page in search engines like Google. Blog articles that contain targeted keywords that are used effectively in the content are more likely to show up in relevant searches online, which ultimately increases traffic to the website.
  • Brand Awareness: A blog can help an organization get the word out about what they have to offer. High-quality, relevant blog topics enable a business to increase their chances of being searched for and found on the internet, increasing their exposure.
  • Engagement: Corporate blogging can increase engagement among potential and current customers and clients. Engaged customers spend more money and provide recommendations that will bring in even more business.
  • Lead Generation: The right blogging strategies can result in lead generation that starts with an interest in the company and ends with a purchase.

An effective corporate blogging strategy can also position a business as an expert. Demonstrating thought leadership in its particular area allows the company to build brand credibility and show readers what makes their business better than others.

Corporate Blogging

How to measure the success of a blog

In order for a blog to be successful, it must provide results above and beyond getting the content published on the website. Measuring success is an important aspect of any blogging strategy. This includes tracking things like:

  • Visits from search engines
  • Number of total visits
  • Amount of visitors who sign up for an email list
  • Percentage of visitors who make a purchase

However, the purpose of corporate blogging will dictate what needs to be measured. For example, if the purpose of the blog is engagement, either internal or external, total visits should be measured. If lead generation is the goal, a company should avoid tracking total visits and instead track the number of new visitors who sign up for an email list.