Display Advertising – Short Conceptual Explanation

Display advertising involves the process of using visual images and videos to promote a product or service on the internet. These advertisements appear on third-party websites that allow them and are unique when compared to traditional advertisements in that they are targeted towards certain users. They can be effective because they are immediately noticeable and can serve as a traffic source for landing pages. But with so many advertising banners on the internet, they can also be annoying to users, and they can even be blocked. Good design is essential to creating effective banner ads.

Display advertising explained

Display advertising is to digital marketing as magazine advertisements are to traditional marketing. Ads often look like they were clipped from a magazine, but they appear on a webpage instead of in a newspaper or another publication.

They have been around as long as the internet has been around, and they can appear at the or the bottom of a page, between sections of content, and in the margins along the side of the page.

Advertisements can include pictures, video, and even audio. They are placed on third-party websites in three different ways:

  • Site placement advertising enables ads to run on specific websites that are chosen individually.
  • Contextual advertising allows ads to show up on many different websites that are relevant to the ad.
  • Remarketing display ads show up for users who have already interacted with the business online.

The benefits of using display advertising include the ability to display ads on millions of websites that participate in advertisement displays. Because ads can be targeted to users, they can be especially effective. For example, Google AdSense may displays pet accessory ads on an animal adoption website, or jewelry on a bridal blog. Using remarketing display ads can remind users to complete the checkout process on a website or encourage them to return to look at an item they have already shown interest in.

There are also some cons of display advertising. Because there are so many advertisements on the web, it has become easy for users to ignore advertisements. They also find them annoying, which causes internet users to find ways to block them. As of Q3 2021, 37.0% of internet users worldwide use ad blockers, which means advertisements may not reach as wide of an audience as marketers are led to believe.

Display Advertising

Tips for creating effective advertising banners

Creating advertising banners is still an effective way to market a business on the internet as long as the banners are designed carefully.

Getting the design right is important, as is using clear text and including special prices and promotions, but it’s equally as important to make sure advertisements are optimized. Online advertising needs to be responsive, which means ads will automatically adjust the size of the ad depending on the website where it appears and the type of device it appears on.
It is also important for companies to experiment with display advertising. Instead of creating a banner and using it indefinitely, marketing teams should create different types of ads and designs, then test those ads and designs with different audiences to determine which designs and placements provide the highest return on investment.