Free Authors / Free Copywriters – Short Conceptual Explanationn

Businesses, organizations, and individuals seek the assistance of copywriters and content writers when creating website content, blog articles, eBooks, and more. Businesses that do not have a lot of money to spend may search for free authors and free copywriters. Although free services can be procured on the Internet, they exist only in certain circumstances, like content donated to a good cause. In addition, free services are not of the highest quality usually, so most businesses are better off searching for affordable copywriting services that fit their budget.

Free Authors and Free Copywriters

Examples of free authors and free copywriters

Finding free authors and free copywriters is not easy because writers provide a service just like any other professional. Businesses would not expect to find a plumber or an accountant to work for free, so businesses should not expect writers to work for free either.

However, writers may be willing to work for free in some cases. Local journalism and marketing colleges may have students who are looking to add projects to their professional portfolio. In addition, writers who want to write for unfamiliar industries or on unfamiliar topics may be willing to provide free work, as long as it can be used as a sample when contacting new clients in that industry in the future.

Nonprofits, political campaigns, and other organizations may be able to procure free authors and free copywriters. Some writers are willing to donate their services to causes and organizations they care about in lieu of volunteering directly or donating money.

Exposure drives some free authors to do what they do. News outlets and topic-driven blogs with a lot of traffic can often get free content because it will be seen by a wide audience.


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Problems with free copywriting services

Free authors and free copywriters sound like a good solution for businesses that are on a budget, but there are many problems that can arise when receiving free services.

Free services are rarely as good as services that are paid for. Writers who know they will not be getting paid for a piece of content are more likely to not spend a lot of time or attention creating it. Free content is often scrapped simply because it is low quality.

Free content is more likely not to help a business meeting its goals. Even if the content reads well on the surface, if it is not targeted to the right audience, or if it does not contain effective SEO techniques, it will not convert customers or be found easily during a search on the Internet.

A business must also think about its mission statement and morals. In many cases of free copywriting services, advantage is being taken of the free copywriters. Businesses have to decide if they would be comfortable if their customers and clients found out they are not paying their writers.

Free Authors and Free Copywriters

Creating content yourself

Because free content can only be found in certain circumstances, it can actually take more time and effort to find someone to write for free than doing it yourself.

If there simply is not any room in the budget to pay for a professional content writer, many businesses will ask employees to create the content, or they will simply do it themselves.

There are many different kinds of content that can be created, which means there is something that everyone will be comfortable posting online. A few ideas include:

Free Authors and Free Copywriters

Finding copywriting services on a budget

Free authors and copywriters can be nearly impossible to come by, but there are a lot of affordable copywriting services available for those on a budget.

Depending on what kind of content is needed and the level of expertise provided by the writer, businesses could find authors and copywriters who are willing to provide quality content for just a few cents per word. They can offer low rates because they are just getting started, or they live in an area with an extremely low cost of living. For others, it is simply an additional source of income, so high rates are not necessary.

If the quality of the content matters, consider picking and choosing what kinds of content require attention from a professional. For example, look for free authors and free copywriters to create blog articles and social media content, but hire a professional to optimize the content on the website or create an eBook that can be sold to customers and clients.