Google Plus Marketing – Short Conceptual Explanation

Google Plus is a social network that has become an infrastructure for a wide variety of Google products. Because profiles are immediately created when a new user opens a Gmail account, there are billions of profiles on Google Plus. Companies are using Google Plus marketing to enhance their business by reaching their target demographic, as well as driving traffic to their profile and website.

Why is Google Plus marketing a good idea?

Every time a person creates a Gmail account, a new Google Plus account is created. That means there are over two billion users on Google Plus. Between four and six million of those users are active on the social media platform, which provides businesses with millions of opportunities to increase their bottom line with Google Plus marketing.

Google Plus was created with businesses and individuals in mind, unlike other social media platforms that focus on individual users, so corporate and business profiles are more user-friendly. Another big benefit of using Google Plus is the fact that building a network does not depend on reciprocity. A person or a business can add an individual or another business to their network without the need for approval from the other user. This freedom makes users more willing to connect with others, which can have a positive impact on any marketing strategy.

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Google Plus Marketing
Google Plus Marketing

Ways to market on Google Plus

There are many ways to engage in Google Plus marketing. They include:

  • Creating a profile for users to learn more about the business
  • Using circles and the community function to communicate directly with certain groups
  • Creating and joining hangouts to get to know customers and clients
  • Sharing quality content and news
  • Using and posting ads the same way AdWords is used
  • Using social signals on websites to enhance content and online offers

Other social media sites are very generic, which can squash engagement. Because content across the site is so general, it can be difficult for users to search for and find a community where they feel like they belong.

Google Plus, in contrast, is a very interest-driven network. It’s a lot easier to create circles, join hangouts, and find businesses that match a user’s interests. Many of these users are very active, passionate, and engaged, which makes it a lot easier for businesses of all kinds to connect in a meaningful way with their audience.

Reaching target demographics on Google Plus

As mentioned above, Google Plus marketing can be very effective for businesses because it can be easier to connect with a target demographic on the social media platform. However, Google Plus is not the most popular social media platform on the internet, which means its active users aren’t representative of the population as a whole.

Over half of the users on Google Plus are from the United States. The other half is made up of users that are located in India, Brazil, the UK, and Canada. A whopping 73.7 percent of those users are male. In addition, a large majority of them are engineers, developers, and designers.

Understanding these points is important for businesses that are deciding whether or not to market on Google Plus. Businesses that are in the tech space or have a male-centered product will likely find much success on the platform. In contrast, businesses that focus their marketing efforts on mothers or customers in other countries, for example, may not have as much luck with their marketing efforts.

Google Plus Marketing

Google Plus marketing and SEO

One of the most convincing reasons to engage in Google Plus marketing techniques is for SEO. Because Google Plus is associated with the famous search engine, content gets indexed and shows up in search results immediately. Even if a business’s target demographic can’t be found on Google Plus, marketing on the platform is still a good idea because of this fact.

Sharing blog posts is one great way to utilize the platform. It enables businesses to rank for many different keywords and drive traffic to their profile and website. Because Google ranks their own network higher than other sites, and they crawl it more quickly, content posted to Google Plus is more likely to show up in search results than any other page, website, article or content on other social networks. Google can even use the information on a Plus page as a snippet on a general search page, further increasing exposure.

Other benefits of Google Plus marketing

There are other benefits of Google Plus marketing. In addition to boosting SEO, a Google Plus profile will appear in every Gmail message. That enables customers and clients to connect with a business instantly simply by clicking on the icon in the email message.

Communities are a great way to connect with customers and clients, but many businesses also find them effective for workplace interactions. Google Plus marketing is a great way for employees to communicate with each other.