Holistic – Short Conceptual Explanation

A holistic approach, as it pertains to content marketing, involves considering all the content a business produces, as well as their approach to SEO. This kind of content can mean the information on the homepage of a website addresses an entire topic, various departments create content with a similar tone, and it appeals to both the readers and search engines.

How is holistic content different than other kinds of content?

A good digital marketing strategy contains many different kinds of content that includes:

  • Blog post writing
  • Website content
  • Email newsletters
  • Social media posts

Creating content from a holistic approach means considering all of the pieces of the puzzle and ensuring they all fit together. Businesses that keep their website content in mind when creating blog articles, or their blog articles in mind when creating social media posts are creating this kind of content. One-off articles that don’t relate to the overall goals of a website and email newsletters that don’t contain actionable links would not be considered holistic content.

This kind of content can also include traditional marketing materials like brochures, television commercials, and print advertising. These materials should be created with digital materials in mind and vice versa.


Holistic content between departments

Content marketers are skilled at thinking about the big picture when creating content for a business, but they aren’t the only ones creating content. Many different roles within the business structure are creating content like:

  • PR and investor relations might release quarterly reports
  • Customer service may create a FAQ page to answer common questions
  • Technical support may create technical documents
  • HR will post ads for job openings and share basic information about the company

Employees in all of these departments must understand the appropriate tone to use when creating materials, and they must also understand the basic principles of SEO. Many businesses create reference materials that employees can use to ensure the content that is being created enhances company objectives and appears relevant and similar across multiple channels.


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Holistic content and SEO

SEO is an important feature of the holistic approach to content. It ensures the proper keywords are being used whenever a piece of content is uploaded on the internet. That requires keyword research, and it requires the company to share this information among individuals in every department that creates content for the internet.

Often, keyword research will identify multiple keywords and phrases that should be used. That requires content creators to make a list of primary and secondary keywords and use them accordingly within the same text.


Holistic content and the reader

Keywords are important if a piece of content is going to be searchable on the web, but the quality of the content matters too. Not only do search engines, like Google, prioritize quality content, great content is also more likely to be shared online.

One of the best ways to boost search engine visibility is to generate quality backlinks. These links are posted on other websites and direct visitors to another article or website. Other people are only willing to link to holistic content that is valuable, easy to understand, relevant, and interesting. That means the quality of the content that is being created is just as important as the keywords that are being used.