Retention Time – Short Conceptual Explanation

Retention time is the amount of time users remain on a webpage. Over half of all users visiting a site spend less than 15 seconds looking around. By getting users to stay on a webpage longer, businesses and organizations can increase engagement, which in turn can increase sales and success. There are many ways to get users to stay longer on a website that include redesigning the website, giving users exactly what they expect, and providing value.

The average retention time on a website

The average time a user spends on a website is just 15 seconds. Sometimes it’s because the users don’t find what they’re looking for and they move onto another site. In other cases, it’s because the users found what they were looking for immediately and were able to move on quickly.

Although 15 seconds is the average time spent across all websites, some sites get more attention than others. For example, users generally spend more time on websites comparing different products than they do reading articles on a blog or when looking for an answer to a specific question. It is important for individual websites to determine their own specific retention times on the website, as well as individual pages, to discover how people are using the site.

Why it matters

The more time someone spends on a website, the more likely they are to engage with the brand. That’s important because the more engaged customers and clients are with a brand, the more likely they are to spend money with that brand, and the more likely they are to recommend that brand to others. If a website can increase the retention time on a site or webpage, they can get more engagement from their users.

Understanding the average time spent on certain pages can also drive content creation. A low retention rate is not necessarily a bad thing. People are engaging with content differently than they used to. The average reader wants skimmable content, and websites that create this kind of content can increase the traffic to their website, even if the retention time isn’t long.


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Ways to increase retention time

Wenn Unternehmen beziehungsweise Webseiten-Betreiber nicht nur die Verweildauer auf ihrer Webseite erhöhen, sondern allgemein mehr Aufmerksamkeit auf sich ziehen möchten, bietet sich die Teilnahme an sozialen Netzwerken an. Im Allgemeinen verbringen Internetnutzer einen Großteil ihrer Zeit im Netz auf sozialen Netzwerken wie Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter und Pinterest. Es ist daher sinnvoll, als Unternehmen ebenfalls auf diversen Plattformen aktiv zu sein. Daneben kann auch ein eigener Blog zur besseren Sichtbarkeit im Netz und einer längeren Besuchsdauer auf der eigenen Webseite beitragen. Durch Links auf den sozialen Netzwerken kann die Zielgruppe ganz gezielt auf die eigene Webseite geleitet werden. Entsprechen die Inhalte den Erwartungen, wirkt sich dies auf die Verweildauer aus.