SEO Text

An SEO text is a text on a website or an online file that is conceived and optimized in such a way as to improve the ranking of the site or file in the search engines. This is achieved by integrating into the text keywords that potential interested parties and customers often use when they are searching for relevant offers and services on Google & Co.

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What defines a good SEO text?

Ranking can be promoted by taking the respectively current search algorithms of the search engines into account. This demands remaining on top of things with regard to Google and Co strategies.
A successful SEO text features a balanced relationship between offer-relevant keywords and the natural readability of the text. This is the so-called optimized keyword density. In addition, a text must be enjoyable to read and the topic must be examined in such a way as to allow for terms from further corresponding topics.
Headers, tags and meta-tags are also included in the search engine optimization of texts.

SEO Text