Social Media Optimization – Short Conceptual Explanation

While search engine optimization (SEO) involves the goal of generating web traffic to a website, social media optimization (SMO) is used to increase awareness of a brand, person, or association. Various websites that are used to grow a brand’s online presence include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media websites. SMO involves posting high-quality content regularly with the goal of getting people to visit a website, make a purchase, or share posts with friends and family.

Social media optimization pillars

Understanding social media optimization is best done by understanding the five pillars of SMO created by Rohit Bhargava. They include:

  • Create high-quality, shareable content: Content needs to be shareable, which means it should be good. Create high-quality videos, blog articles, and other content that provides real value, and those viewing the content will be more likely to share it on their own social media pages.
  • Make sharing content easy: Not only does the content have to be good, it also needs to be easy to share. Social media users can put links on their profile, embed videos, send out tweets, or use hashtags to keep a conversation going. Learn which method to use on which platforms to ensure that users only need to click a single button to share content.
  • Reward those who engage with content: People must have a reason to come back for more. That could mean hosting a giveaway on a social media site or simply responding to messages left by others who have contributed to a conversation.
  • Share content in different ways: A single excerpt from a blog article posted on Facebook isn’t enough. Content should be shared in a wide variety of ways, which includes posting on multiple social media sites, as well as creating infographics, slideshows, and using RSS feeds to syndicate the content.
  • Let others modify the original content: Shared content gets more traction when other users can take it and make it their own. If you allow others to remix the original content, the likelihood that it will be shared over and over again increases.

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How social media optimization can enhance SEO

Social media optimization has the potential to enhance SEO when done properly. Although individual posts on social media websites are not searchable within search engines, like Google, they can boost website views, which are searchable on Google. The more people who visit a site, the more authority it is given, and the higher it is ranked on the search engine results page.

Making the most of SMO to enhance SEO includes strategies like:

  • Including social buttons on the main website.
  • Using the same or similar keywords on the website and social media posts.
  • Strategize ways to increase social media followers.
  • Find ways to encourage others to link to social media pages.

Timely posts are also a great way to boost social media optimization. Timely articles for the current season, articles that are specific to a business’s location, and content addressing current topics in the news are all great way to increase social media engagement and enhance overall search engine optimization.