Text Service – Short Conceptual Explanation

The term text service is used to describe services that are related to creating, correcting and proofreading texts. The requirements vary depending on the genre. Most of the texts ordered today are published on the Internet. This is why search engine optimization of texts is also a part of text services.

Text service – services covering the written word

A text service helps to plan, create and optimize texts in many ways. Most companies benefit from outsourcing their text orders and having them created by experienced copywriters. Text service agencies select the right copywriter for every order – depending on the type of text and special customer specifications.

A few examples of the sectors text service providers operate in are:

  • Category and product description writing for online stores
  • How to Guides & Tips as advertising material (content marketing)
  • Texts for a company websites, brochures and leaflets
  • Translations
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Short expert texts

Specific requirements for different types of texts

A text service provides its resources at different text production levels: From planning to the actual creation and release of the texts. The publication date of a text is also significant for its success. The text service sets different priorities for the respective type of text.


  • In product descriptions, the emphasis lies on the correct selection of keywords. The description must also differ from other texts in online shops in order to stand out and provide the customer with added value.
  • Texts for company websites are aimed at strengthening the reputation of a company and attract customers. Objective content and advertising are not necessarily a contradiction in high quality texts.
  • Blog operators often have their articles written or edited by professional copywriters. The distinctiveness of the blog, which is highlighted in the selection of words and style, is what matters here. A good text must exactly match the tone of the blog.
  • Translations not only correctly transfer information into another language. The translation must reflect the style of the source text.

Many companies create their texts – for instance for web pages – themselves, and have them counter-checked by expert agencies after they are written. When it comes to proofreading, the focus lies on the linguistic style but also on flawless texts. Readability and clearness are essential here. Requirements regarding style, tone and structure can differ depending on what genre the text belongs to and what its purpose is.


Ultimately, the term text service is self-explanatory: Comprehensive services covering the written word. Customers who attach importance to professional results will hire experts to create, correct or optimize their texts.


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