Typing Pool – Short Conceptual Explanation

A typing pool, which is sometimes referred to as a secretarial pool, is a group of people who offer typing services. It might include a group of secretarial professionals who assist different people in an office, or it could be a group of typing professionals who provide services online. Services can include typing handwritten notes, transcribing audio and video, creating unique texts, and editing, as well as traditional secretarial tasks such as handling calls and booking appointments.

The typing pool of yesteryear

The term typing pool is most often associated with secretarial pools that were common in offices decades ago. A pool of secretarial workers who were proficient on the typewriter could perform tasks that included producing documents and retyping information before the invention of the photocopier and personal computer.

Rather than working directly with one employee, like a traditional secretary would, a typing pool would be comprised of multiple persons who were available to assist any employee who required their services.


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The typing pool of yesteryear

The modern typing pool

Pools of yesteryear decreased in popularity as technology was able to replace many of the services they provided. However, a need for some of them remains.

A modern typing pool isn’t likely to be found in an office. Instead, professionals who offer typing services are commonly found online. With the convenience of the internet, they can work from home, providing typing services to a wide variety of clients.

This flexible situation also works in favor of businesses. Companies can hire someone to help with nearly any project without having to hire them full-time, which ultimately saves money.

Typing Pool

Services offered by typing pools

Some of the services offered by a typing pool remain the same, some have been eliminated, and new services have emerged.

In some cases, common secretarial services are included, such as answering phone calls and scheduling. This is common in a traditional office setting and with virtual assistants. Most online secretarial professionals are unlikely to provide these services. Instead, they offer typing services only, such as transcribing audio or video into an easy-to-read document.

Some services are no longer needed. For example, creating a duplicate of a document is as easy as printing another copy – there’s no longer a need to retype it.

Today, there’s a need for additional typing services that weren’t needed decades ago. For example, a professional could be hired to edit and expand on the content on a website.

No matter what typing services are requested, the quality of the final product is still of the utmost importance. A talented professional will provide documents and content that are free of errors.

Industries that rely on typing pools

Industries that rely on typing pools

Nearly every industry can benefit from typing services. That’s because typing professionals can create website content, and a website is something every business needs.

Additional industries that require regular typing and/or transcription work include:

  • Legal industries, like law firms, court reporters, and paralegals
  • Medical industries require transcription of patient information and procedure summaries
  • Academia, like typing class lectures, compiling information for research, and more
  • Podcast and online video transcription for the visually impaired
  • Marketing agencies may utilize a typing pool to create and edit content