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Hobby and professional copy editors wanted.

Do you have a passion for correcting and want to use your talent to earn some money on the side? Perfect!

We are looking for copy editors who can edit short texts to the given topic for us. These can include descriptions of cities or products, as well as many other topics. This always depends on the current job situation.

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How do I become a copy editor on clickworker?

You must have an excellent knowledge of your written native language, a good eye for detail and enjoy editing. As a copy editor you will check texts that are already corrected with regard to spelling, grammar, content, style and the exact implementation of the job instructions. Your task is to ensure that both the author and the first proofreader have complied with the specifications and that the quality of the text is such that it can be submitted to the client. Your constructive and affirmative criticism helps the authors and proofreaders on our platform to write good texts and learn from their mistakes.

Demonstrate your skills – as a registered Clickworker you can complete the appropriate assessments. To become a copy editor you first have to work as an author and proofreader at clickworker. This will provide the necessary experience and give insight into the internal processes at clickworker. Get it right. Successfully complete the author and proofreader assessments (if available for your native language) and work in both areas – then get ready to take-off as a copy editor!

Don’t worry, it sounds more complicated than it is! You decide which projects you process. As a logged in user, you access the jobs and correct the texts directly on our platform.

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