API stands for Application Programming Interface. Crowdsourcing only makes sense when the customer and processor can work well together and communicate with each other. So-called programming interfaces ensure the communication between groups dispersed all over the world via the Internet.


API – Setup and classification

The API are interfaces that connect various crowd systems and enable interactive access to databases, hard drives and graphic cards of the systems connected. They can be divided into four different types according to their function and the type of data being transferred between the linked systems. There is also a so-called protocol orientation in which systems can be linked, irrespective of operating systems and hardware. The systems adapt to each other by means of a continuously newly created log.

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API – Benefits for Crowdsourcing

Internet providers often use programming interfaces. As a result, crowdsourcing providers also use them. They enable the connection of geographically separated and independently working groups that is needed. The interfaces that are relevant to crowdsourcing also enable the transfer of tasks and data. Since most crowd users do not have the same technical prerequisites, i.e. use different operating systems and hardware, protocol orientation is therefore relevant because it operates autonomously from operating systems and hardware. As a result, PCs, smartphones and tablets can access databases and other working materials.