Assessment system

As a rule, all texts that are created by Clickworkers in the context of an assignment are controlled in a specific way and subsequently assessed to ensure consistent high quality. The assessment system is divided into two steps.

1. Step: Control and analysis

As a rule, a so-called corrector initially controls the text draft. These correctors are also Clickworkers who have successfully achieved the necessary qualification. The text is checked for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence construction. In addition, the content of the text is analyzed. This is mainly to check whether the text content and language specifications of the task have been fulfilled.

2. Step: Assessment

Based on this analysis, the corrector will assess the author’s performance. This assessment is based on a standardized assessment scheme. As in the control criteria, the assessment is based on the following assessment criteria: spelling and grammar, punctuation, style and expression and also whether the author has hit the theme. The corrector assesses every single criterion. The assessment scale ranges from “good”, to “acceptable” and “poor.”


The corrector completes the assessment by deciding whether the text will be accepted or not. In addition to the direct consequences for this task, the assessments affect the Clickworker’s percentage. The percentage is calculated based on the last fifty assessments. The level of percentage is decisive and determines whether an author continues to qualify for these types of tasks.