B2B stands for Business-to-Business. This describes the transactions between two business companies. It is part of e-business and does not refer to private individuals or similar. B2B has become generally accepted as a means of communication since companies have begun to use the Internet for their transactions. In Internet marketing, goods and/or services are purchased or sold on electronic commerce platforms. The dealers have access to special items, wholesale offers and various auctions.


Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer

The requirements of business customers change constantly. Consumers and business customers want a personalized shopping experience, irrespective of whether they are in contact with dealers online at home or via their mobile phones. Business customers want to have an efficient and streamlined experience when they purchase goods from their partners. Business to Consumer or B2C describes the contact between private individuals and the dealer. The dealer could be any business that then provides a final sale to a consumer or anyone who isn’t a company.

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An example might be a florist who purchases his goods from a wholesaler and is in electronic contact with them. This makes it a Business-to-Business relationship. This term is used for all of the trade partners among themselves. Exceptions are private individuals. They belong to the B2C sector.