Cloud Tasks

Cloud tasks: Working efficiently together

The term cloud task describes the division of work into many small tasks that can be processed by a number of individuals. The results are collected in a mutual network (cloud). In practice, platforms such as clickworker use it to share work. These tasks can be anything from a simple confirmation of data all the way up to writing content descriptions. These tasks are often uploaded to the crowd in large numbers, yet due to the nature of crowdsourcing the work can usually be completed within a short space of time despite the large number of tasks available.

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Benefits of Work-Sharing

Tasks can be processed quickly, easily and efficiently with the help of cloud tasks. Particular phenomena, such as the knowledge of the crowd, allow effective results. However, the idea behind is not new. Shared work systems have been used since primeval times. But the Internet has revolutionized it because many users have simultaneous access to a mutual database and can process tasks together.

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Evolution of Cloud Tasks

When they were first thought of and used, cloud tasks were often very simple in their nature and design. There were usually only available online via a desktop in a home office or internet cafe. They mainly consisted of basic data verification or input. These days cloud tasks can be far more complex, some even require workers to pass training and qualifications. Even more exciting is the fact these tasks can now be done on the go. Most people use smartphones and apps such as the clickworker app to create a way for cloud tasks to be completed by workers out in the open. This means data can be captured in shops, bars, and restaurants and more which broadens the scope of work possible. Therefore companies will serve even more clients.